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Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers Quiz – Female Mystics

Soul’s Code has sung the praises of female mystics and spiritual teachers since our inception —  meet our inspirations, Pamela Wilson, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Katie Davis, Vaishali Love and Karen McPhee

mysticsmallTest your S-factor, as in, the measure of the soul:

1.  According to transpersonal psych studies, women have an edge when it comes to remembering, understanding and relaying their mystical experiences. Why is that?

A.  Women are smarter than men.
B.  Women have better communication between the left and right sides of the brain.
C.  Men have fewer mystical experiences than women.
D.  Men censor themselves more than women, and will not admit to having mystical experiences.

2.  Who believes (or believed) in the “spiritual goodness of poverty?”

A.  Joan of Arc
B.  Marianne Williamson
C.  Mother Teresa
D.  Kim Eng

3.  Who has been known to provide lectures and workshops free of charge?

byronkatieA.  Byron Katie (pictured at right)
B.  Kim Eng
C.  Caroline Myss
D.  Pamela Wilson

4.  Eckhart Tolle’s work heavily influenced which mystic, who is also his friend?

A.  Vaishali Love
B.  Catherine Ingram
C.  Katie Davis
D.  Marianne Williamson

5.  Who said, “Keep your honor code between you and God,  you don’t break that, no matter who’s not looking. God is.”

A.  Mother Teresa
B.  Caroline Myss
C.  Byron Katie
D.  St. Teresa of Avila

704amrit6.  How many people is Hindu spiritual leader Amma reported to have hugged over the past 30 years?

A.  50,000
B.  1 million
C.  21 million
D.  30 million

7.  How much will it cost you to buy a Caroline Myss “Myss hat?”

A.  $15
B.  $20
C.  $30
D. Free with proof of a donation to a charity of your choice.

tigertigerisittrue8.  Who released a child’s book called Tiger-Tiger Is It Time in November 2009?

A.  Kim Eng
B.  Byron Katie
C.  Amma
D.  Karen McPhee

The answers you seek: 1. B, 2. C, 3. A, 4. C, 5. B, 6. D, 7. A, 8. B.

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7 Comments on “Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers Quiz – Female Mystics”

  1. Oh, I was thinking the likes of Hildegarde, but you mean today's! Except for my having serious issues with Byron Katie's technique, I think it's great that you're encouraging such awareness. Isn't Osho saying women aren't enlightenable? ;)

  2. Mary, perhaps because we already are ;-)

  3. I respect your thoughts and woman as a whole....

  4. Thank you for sharing and helping with awareness of the female mystics and gurus. Mindfully yours!

  5. Well, I took the quiz and fail to see how the behaviors you attribute to mystics are actually good measurements.

    I have been a radical mystic for over 20 years and am amazed at the concepts. It leaves me wondering what it is that the one who put this quiz together knows about someone who is guided into new realms of reality, who walks the Sun path of the Ancient mystery schools, who holds information that cannot be taught but must be experienced, who understands the role of mystic is to generously empower and lift others, even in the silence and background.

    It also leaves me wondering the agenda for this quiz.

    There is so much more to the discussion of mystic than the cost of a hat. Divine Order, what has been hidden, correct missions, Earth's purpose, sovereignty and Shifting from this level of thinking. That is what the world needs desperately.

  6. I think that what the world also needs is to lighten up and have some fun. That is what I get out of this quiz.

    Actually I find the question about the price of a hat quite telling. It led me to think about the prices that some "mystic" teachers and spiritual leaders charge for their services and goods.

  7. I agree that humans are in desperate need of some new points of view (just look at the state we're all in). I'm a fan of anything that encourages people to start looking into other possibilities, be they scientific, artistic or spiritual. Through teaching, I've found that getting people started on their journey inward sometimes means giving information in small pieces at first. I'm thrilled that quizzes like this encourage people to look further into the lives of amazing female thinkers, as they're often left out of mainstream literature.

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