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Can a whole country be a spiritual guide?

An Australian tour operator in her adopted homeland of Egypt discovers how ‘place’ is the driving force of her life purpose

GUEST COLUMN BY KERRIE GUY — We all have experienced mystical places and spaces. For some, it’s a pilgrimage across northern Spain. For others, it might be Cabo or other tropical escapes. For me, it’s Egypt.

Since 2001 this birthplace of the pharaohs, spiritual monuments and occidental mythology has helped me open a doorway to my inner self — a part of me that had for so long felt as though it was absent from my life, and finally fell 100 percent into place.

Not to sound silly about it but Egypt — in her infinite wisdom — has shown me how my personal spirit and the spirit of life are, in fact, one.

Egypt must have known this, and led me to her. Before I set foot in her sacred presence for the first time a few weeks before 9/11, I had neither a passion nor desire to even visit.

On the surface my life before Egypt in Australia appeared to be successful, yet I was utterly unfulfilled. I was a college-educated mom who worked in a white-collar job.

Then there was a sudden turning point in my life. I had a conversation with God, so to speak, where I heard the voice of Egypt. The sequence of events that led to me eventually living in Egypt played out like piecing together a no-clues-supplied 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

In the year 2000 the computer world and internet were almost totally foreign to me. Surfing the net was not something I did. But one day a voice within guided me to ‘Ask Jeeves’. What was I to ask Jeeves? I had absolutely no idea!

I needed inspiration, so I typed the word ‘inspiration’ into the search box, which almost immediately led me to Egypt.

I saw an opportunity to work with children as a volunteer, and I began emailing organizations there to offer  my services.

During my move to Egypt, I had the keen sense that the volunteer work was simply a stepping stone into Egyptian, and no more. After I arrived in Cairo it would take events only six weeks to prove my intuition correct.

At first, I lived on a very limited budget in very humble surroundings. But soon began experiencing a series of insights and new directions. I rediscovered a passion for writing in poetic rhyme. Then I discovered an entrepreneurial streak. My passion for Egypt has inspired me to launch a spiritual tour enterprise to share the dimensions of this magical place I have come to love with others.

The Egypt I see and know is not the Egypt that most programmed tours, books, TV documentaries or media stories show — the stuff of the Great Pyramid and paws of the Sphinx. It is equally powerful to walk the streets of Cairo neighborhoods like Sayeda Zienab, Sayeda Aisha, Drab ElAhmar and Alaa.

Many of the buildings are around 700 years old. There’s a lot of accumulated past energy that blends into the ‘now’ energy of the present. And what energy is that? People here aren’t caught up in the material world, and live by a more mystical vibration.

Originally I had planned to live in Egypt for just one year. Now almost 10 years later I have absolutely no idea when Egypt and I will finish our loving service to each other.

I thrive on showing the Egypt I have come to know and love to those who similarly come here with no expectations, but rather with a yearning to connect their souls fully.  I’ve found that if we let her, Egypt will lead us home to the sanctuary of the Inner Self.

Kerrie Guy was born in Australia and now lives in Egypt, where she is a writer and guide. Says Kerrie: “Egypt leads me deeper and deeper into its spirit, and my own, every day.”

Check out Kerrie’s poems and photos on Soul’s Code, which include the images of Egypt that illustrate this article.

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  1. this article makes me want to return to egypt. i was there in the early 90s and have loved it since i was a child. maybe it's time for another visit!

  2. Beautiful, such an inspiration, a soul felt 'masterpiece' of a journey!

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