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September 3, 2010: Mosques and the masks of God

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Mosques and the masks of God


BY DAVID RICKEY — The recent spate of anger that has arisen over the proposal to build a Mosque within blocks of the former site of the World Trade Center is, I suspect, an example of the very issues that brought about that terrible event we call "9/11".

On a simple level it is lack of tolerance and the resulting unwillingness to listen deeply to others whom we don't understand. The terrorist attack so threatened our sense of security that we have erected even taller barriers around our minds and hearts with the intention of protecting ourselves from any further threat. What we don't understand is that those barriers were, in a deep way, the cause of the attack in the first place.

Shortly after the original 9/11, many people asked, "Why do people hate us so much?", but few were willing to truly explore that question. Instead, superficial answers like, "They hate our way of life" or "They are jealous" emerged as final answers. And furthermore, these answers elevated the sense of superiority of "our way of life" so that we could not see the value of another's way of life.

This lead us to embrace these biases to demonstrate to our waiting minds just how awful and backward Islam is. Ignoring similar statements in the Judeo-Christian scriptures, we highlighted passages in the Koran that seem to support terrorism, Jihad and all manner of hostility towards other religions. 

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