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September 17, 2010: Shatter the fear trap…for goods

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Shatter the fear trap…for good


GUEST COLUMN BY PHYLLIS KING —I believe that one of the five filters to abundance is our inability to commit to ourselves.   I see this over and over in my practice and on my radio shows.  We are afraid to trust ourselves.   Our ability to hear and listen to our inner wisdom is weak.

We get a great idea, and go after it.  But we have no experience listening to our inner voice.   It’s an unused muscle that has no power or strength.  At the first sign of challenge, we immediately go into fear and give up on our projects, our dreams and our heart’s desire.

What’s the answer to ending this hamster wheel?   The answer is to practice right thinking intentionally.    When a limiting thought, feeling or vibration comes into your space, challenge it with everything you are, and for everything you want to be.  Embrace it as an opportunity to evolve beyond it permanently. This is how you bring an end to punishing legacies in your life.

We live in a time when we have to fight for our right to be awake.  The external is stimulating us from every direction, distracting us from our inner voice.   We become crisis responders in our own lives, rather than navigators of our own ship.

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