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Separated at miraculous birth: Barack Obama and Jesus Christ

From deadbeat dads to the middle initial “H”? The Top 10 reasons why Obama and Jesus are, like, almost the same person

obama-book.jpgSOUL’S CODE When Freud coined the term, transference, he used it to describe the unconscious projection we have about a parent, or some other childhood figure, onto a lover, boss — or, yes, in the media age — a presidential candidate.

Is Barack Obama the Son of Promise, Child of Hope, collective father figure, and redeemer in the eyes of the world of us — as in, the “U.S.”?

We rejoice in his victory by documenting the Top 10 similarities and synchronicities between the president-elect and Jesus the savior:

10. Jesus urged his fellow Jews to pay their taxes (“Render unto Ceasar, the things which are Ceasar’s”). Obama plans to make Jews who are wealthy pay higher taxes.

9. Jesus was a vegan who didn’t do drugs or smoke. While campaigning for president, Obama quit smoking — and continued to eat arugala, at least off-camera.

barackobamahs.jpg8. In 1987, William Mosley wrote a famous book arguing that Jesus was black. Way before then, Obama was black. (Highschool basketball team photo, Punahou School, Hawaii, 1977).

7. Jesus Christ and Barack Obama both share the same middle initial: “H.

6. The Romans thought Jesus was a rebel and a radical. The Republicans think that Obama is a radical, Al-Qaeda double-agent and secret member of the Wobblies.

obama-in-robes.jpg5. Obama dressed up in funny-looking, Middle Eastern-type robes. According to church paintings and Sunday school coloring books, that’s all Jesus ever wore.

4. Jesus lived and died seven centuries before the creation of Islam. Obama is not now, nor has he ever been, a Muslim.

3. Saint John the Baptist said a messiah was coming, and baptized Jesus as the one. In a summer 2008 TV ad the McCain campaign declared, “Barack Obama may be The One.

2. Both Jesus and Obama got their values from their mothers, who at various Kodak Moments were single-moms. As for deadbeat-daddy issues, let’s not even go there.

And the Number 1 reason that Barack Obama and Jesus are, for all intents and purposes, practically the same person:

They both hung out with some dodgy peeps, pharisees, prostitutes and revolutionaries — and that’s just Obama . . .


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23 Comments on “Separated at miraculous birth: Barack Obama and Jesus Christ”

  1. I am ~~~finally~~~ proud of my home country again. This is too good not to pass along to the thrilled "dodgy peeps, pharisees, prostitutes and revolutionaries" that I am proud to know....


  2. And out of the ashes of a burning "Bush" came the vision of a black Messiah!

  3. I see the election of Barack Obama more a result of sychronicity: The mis-steps of McCain (like choosing Palin) and the collapse of the economy seem to have had as much effect as the popularity and the "rightness" of Obama. It's as if (and perhaps just "is") that the universe took some things into her own hands, so to speak to give this country another chance to lead the world into a more enlightened future. I'm not as sure about the willingness of "the masses" to follow.

    Maybe another parallel between Obama and Jesus will be that the "chosen messenger" will once again be leading with not enough followers. Like we've been saying, this isn't about a savior, this is about another wise teacher being given to us. Are we going to pay attention? Fear and self-serving is still rampant. I wonder whether Obama woke up this morning with the feeling, "What have I gotten myself into?"

  4. I like Dana Carvey's joke about the most miraculous thing about the president-elect: running with a name like Barack Hussein Obama.

    "To show you how brilliant he is as a politician, the first thing he had to to do was overcome that name. I don't think there's a tougher name to run for president in America."

    "What could be harder? (Impersonation) 'Hi, I'm Charles Manson Hitler, and I'd like your vote'."

    You can watch the bit at minute 5:20 of this YouTube video:

  5. The actual, factual saving grace of Barack Obama's electoral triumph over John McCain and so many Bush Republicans is that for 90 % of the people around me here in California it has quashed, or pre-empted:

    1. A case of mass depression

    2. Suicidal nihilism

    3. Plans to defect to my homeland of Canada, or as Bill Maher joked before the Election in this video, emigration to Finland:

  6. Reason # 10 is anti-Semitic, to say the least. And this article is extremely offensive to Christians, too! Shame on you. This is how you celebrate and "honor" the first black man to become President?!!! Bigotry is bigotry, no matter what your religion is or isn't.

  7. I don't think it's bigoted.

  8. I don't see the bigotry either...geesh, lighten up there, Sheryl, it's just a nice fun piece. Everybody is so happy and carefree now that the election is over and Jesus won. Oops, I mean Obama :)

    (And I'm a Buddhist, btw)

  9. To Sheryl; We thank you for your contribution on Soul's Code, and also for your reflection on our newsletter on today's Barack Obama post.

    The purpose of it was to take a light approach to the subject of Obama's historic victory in the midst of much very deep and media-saturation commentary, which we ourselves have been at already for months:

    * Why did Obama win by a landslide? It's our Jesus Complex at work
    * Barack Obama, John McCain and the presidential politics of codependence
    * Barack Obama: 'My Spiritual Journey'
    * The OPRAH, OBAMA and REVEREND WRIGHT broken-love triangle

    Offense was not at all the intention. That said, the point of the list was to make some light-hearted parallel observations about Jesus and Obama, partly in response to some more serious attempts in the media to point out parallels (as indicated in the links in the posting).

    Concerning the item #10 you questioned, Jesus himself was Jewish, and he was speaking to other Jews who were deeply aware of the resentment the Jewish people felt under Roman domination. They were hoping that a "Messiah" would come and overthrow the oppressors. So they asked Jesus whether it was lawful for Jews to pay taxes to Caesar. Jesus side-stepped their attempt to force him into taking a pro or con position about Rome by saying "Render unto Caesar...".

    Jesus' comment was to Jews, Obama's was not. And we have re-worded it. But in an attempt to maintain the parallel as we cited Obama's statement about increasing the taxes of the wealthy (not the middle class), we inserted the reference to Jews in both Jesus' and Obama's statements. We're sorry that you felt offended by that comment.

    Paul Kaihla, CEO, Soul's Code

    1. I saw the don't vote campaign and the ad is not meant to ofenfd, its saying if everything is ok then why is the noose and mentioning lynching like Bill O'Riley did to Michelle Obama, still relevant and gas prices the way it is to the point we will make our own soldiers, U.S. citizens die in a war over oil. The president is the commander in chief and makes many important decisions like Chanel said. Its a reason why when Clinton was in office we were better than when Bush was in office, hint the president and vice president.

  10. sheryl, if you read any of the other articles on soulscode you'll see that a feeling of inclusion permeates the site. in the context of this article there is no way this phrase is meant in an anti-semitic's just a joke. sometimes a joke is just a joke...ya know?

    also, i don't read anything in this article that christians would be upset about. all you christians out there can tell me if i'm wrong on this!

  11. The Jews killed Jesus who was a Jew, so were they being anti semitic or anti christian.Why is it when we make fun of Christianity, its being anti Christian?Yet when you make fun of so called "alternative Religions, that's called comedy.Oh I know! iI's because you're our moral conscience, I forgot! You know I love Christians.......but I couldn't eat a whole one!
    Daniel( now most definitely) in the Lions Den

  12. The trouble is (or I should say one of the troubles is) with Jesus, Christianity, Judaism and Obama (see my article on Obama and "Messiah", most of it get's wrapped up with our projections. The Gospels are already repleat with projections and interpretations based on hopes, needs and fears. John Dominic Crossans, among other present-day scholars, believe that Jesus was actually killed by the Romans, that the Gospels, especially the Gospel of John is itself anti-semetic.

    But all of this misses the point that we were trying to have some fun. I feel that if you can't laugh at yourself, then there's a problem. Being Episcopalian myself, the funniest "religious" jokes are about Episcopalians. Laughing at others may be only "OK" if you can laugh more boisterously at yourself and your own beliefs.

  13. Hello S.C. Nothing against Obama, but as wonderful as he may be, he IS only human, and JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD! A lot of people can say a lot of nice things and tell you everything you want to hear. It remains to be seen whether these words will be put into action or if they are empty promises designed to acquire power. Only time will tell. It's certainly great to think positive, but...let's not put the cart before the horse here. Peace & Blessings, Suza

  14. I observe it is a matter of different taste in humor rather than a philosophical anti-Semitic issue.

    I am afraid that religious issues are charged and not always connected, in many people's perception, to spirituality.

  15. Being a proud Canadian I watched the election with some what of an interest.

    I knew way way wayyyyyy back that Mr. Obama would be president. It was only a matter of formal processes.

    I was so excited the morning I woke up and heard that he had won.

    It's DEFINATELY AWESOME for the USA, and it will be good for the rest of the world to ! :)

    GREAT article !!!!

  16. Oh and the issue b/t referring him to Jesus....

    Being catholic myself, I read the article with amusement.

    Lighten up people ! :)

    Life is to serious. Laugh once in awhile ! :) :) :)

  17. The whole world is happy about Barack Hussein Obama. And he really does need the power of the Savior Messiah in this economic situation.

    We also need humor, it's the spice of life and Jesus. Just look around you: God has a Great sense of humor.

  18. humor is good... times are too tough to live without it.

  19. Has anyone considered Barack Obama as a Black Prometheus archetype and John McCain as Epimetheus? Epimetheus married Pandora who foolishly opened the lid of the vase/box and unleashed the woes upon the world. Only Hope remained, which was a central theme in President Elect Barack Obama's campaign.

  20. I enjoyed reading this posting! It was presented in a facebook thread and immediately non-religious started discrediting Christianity. One guy said that one difference in Obama and Jesus was that Obama was a real person. I responded, "think it's kind of sad that you have to bash Jesus. He was a real person you know. You don't have to believe He is the Son of God if you so choose, but saying he's not REAL is incorrect. The link was light-hearted. We all need some need to turn the thread into a theology discussion."

    In light of Sarah Palin once again trying to make a big deal out of the Bill Ayers association, I think #1 is appropriate: They both hung out with some dodgy peeps, pharisees, prostitutes and revolutionaries...

    I don't think Obama IS Jesus, but he has a wonderful temperament and forgiving attitude that will lead our country well.

  21. You're all wrong, Obama is the reincarnation of Biggie Smalls.

  22. here is the complete thread on facebook that darlene is referring to.

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