Monday, September 25th 2017

YOGA, PRANA, LOVE: A state of love, from the inside out

Chakras: Access to Love. The last of a six-part series.

By RAQUEL TAVARES — Chakras govern all levels of being — physical, psychological and spiritual. Through yoga, you can access your chakras and improve your ability to access and identify with love. Everyday we see people walking with their hearts facing south, their slouched bodies reflecting how much their heart and throat chakras have been damaged or neglected. People, in this sense, erect shields around their hearts. Over time, a body continually collapsing in on itself evolves in the same direction; the result is we become cynical, angry and unwilling to accept love.

When thinking about the chakras and love you are immediately drawn to the anahata chakra, the one pointing towards the heart. In Sanskrit, anahata means unbeaten and is situated in the cardiac area. It is one of the least accessible chakras, as the name “unbeaten” chakra suggests.

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward facing bow), is a posture where your body is arched back and supported by the hands and soles of your feet. A deeply opening move, it’s the opposite of a slouch. It energetically activates the heart chakra. With this posture and other backbends, you can beat your way to love.


Yoga can reverse the affects of age on your physical, mental, and spiritual body, because the postures connect with the above levels, vayus or koshas and eventually liberate the atman (soul level).

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  1. thanks for the wonderful series of articles raquel. you've given me a lot to digest. i like the photos too :)

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