Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Radical Honesty

SOUL’S CODE — What do you make of the movement-of-the-day about telling people exactly what you think?. At one level, it sounds like the core of integrity and right speech. You’re being compassionate and respecting those around you by being honest. There’s no pandering or no assumption that they won’t be able to deal with whatever truth you would unveil to them.

Here’s a fun exhibit of the issue from a recent Esquire article:

Once again, I felt the thrill of inappropriate candor. And I felt something else, too. The paradoxical joy of being free from choice. I had no choice but to tell the truth. I didn’t have to rack my brain figuring out how to hedge it, spin it, massage it.

The thing is, the separate cubbyholes of my personality are merging. Usually, there’s a professional self, a home self, a friend self, a with-the-guys self. Now, it’s one big improper mess. This woman and I have either taken a step forward in our relationship, or she’ll never return my calls again.

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