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Love is the antonym of separation

“How I use every single experience to teach me about expanding my awareness of love”

cari4GUEST COLUMN: CARI LA GRANGE MURPHY — How do we allow the love in our hearts to permeate our experience and enhance the quality of our lives? From personal experience I have learned that a daily, conscious choice is necessary for me to actively engage the spark of light within me and within everyone I encounter throughout my day.

When I approach every interaction with the intention of finding commonality and equality between us, I experience a feeling of unity and connection.

Conversely, when I judge an individual or a situation, I feel a sense of anxiety and separation that doesn’t resonate well with my heart and my spirit.

Just yesterday I found myself experiencing that feeling of separation. I shared a link to my website and my work with someone in an effort to allow this individual a further peek into my world. I didn’t realize until later that I had expected a specific response or outcome from this. When the individual didn’t respond in the way I expected, I began to judge the situation negatively.

Thankfully, the emotions that I felt prompted me to catch myself and become aware of the separation I was creating. I consciously let go of my judgment and desire to question the individual and simply chose to accept the situation and his response without judgment.

The funny thing is that the response wasn’t even negative — it just didn’t carry with it the enthusiasm I wanted (down, down ego!) So, I chose to remember and realize that my interpretation of the situation wasn’t bringing me closer to this individual. I then decided to embrace him (and myself) with love and let go of any specific expectations I had previously held.

flaming heart

All of our experiences have one primary purpose, and that is to expand our awareness. When we choose to view the spiritual meaning behind every experience, we begin to understand the miraculous nature of life. Practicing self acceptance, forgiveness and non-separation from others can truly transform our lives.

Opening our hearts in each moment nurtures the spark within us that feeds our soul and awakens us to our true purpose in life. It brings clarity and illumination to any narrow-minded beliefs and conditions of our experience. The light and love within us will not refuse to shine when called upon. We must simply invoke that eternal spark within us that is always available and awaiting recognition.

Our love (or lack of love) for others always stems from, and is reflective of, the love that we have (or lack) for ourselves. In order for us to receive the unconditional love that we long for, we must take responsibility for giving it to ourselves first. What we see in others and our experience is a direct result of what we believe and expect.

Until we can look into the mirror with full honesty and openness — seeing our own beliefs reflected there — we will unconsciously use others as mirrors to show us what we believe about ourselves.  Long story short: if we don’t feel deserving of love, we will attract others into our experience that will withhold love from us.

If we love and accept ourselves, we will attract others who will also love us and see the beauty within us.  Love is the only response that will eliminate fear from our experience. I encourage you to try it!

When we love any person or situation that invokes a sense of fear within us, the fear will disappear. Love is the antidote to fear because fear is simply the absence of love. It cannot exist where love is present and alive.

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When we choose love, we find bliss. When we choose resistance, we find suffering. Every miracle is simply a demonstration of the fact that love is undoubtedly stronger than fear.

Living with an open heart stems from an emotional and spiritual willingness to look beyond our preconceptions and move beyond the limits that we place on ourselves.

Every situation in our lives offers us the opportunity for greater intimacy and spiritual freedom through the decision to fully embrace ourselves and others with love. This may not happen overnight, but, with practice, it becomes easier and the rewards are priceless.

Even as an inspirational author who has the knowledge at my mental-fingertips, I (like everyone else) am continually challenged to make conscious choices that will enhance the quality of my experiences.

I continue to be offered a choice each and every day to either embrace and allow the love to flow in my life or to resist my experiences and experience separation and pain. Enlightenment is an ongoing process of conscious decision making, compassion for ourselves and others, and purposeful living.

May we all strive for awareness in each moment, knowing that we determine the quality of our experience. May we all choose to awaken to love and experience the bliss that we are intended to feel, share and know. I wish you peace, harmony and perfect awareness.

Cari L. Murphy is a best-selling inspirational and spiritual author, (www.Create-Change-Now.com) broadcaster, radio show host (www.CreateChangeNowRadio.com) speaker, and founder and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions, and an empowerment mentor worldwide.

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15 Comments on “Love is the antonym of separation”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cari Murphy!!! She is a blessing in my life and an AWEsome BEing of LOVE's Light!!
    BEautiFull truths of WE expressed so majestically!!
    Thank YOU sooo very much for sharing her insightFULL enlightenment with ALL of WE, and for sending me this link through FB.
    I am most honoured to have shared in the experience :O)

    Big hugs and much much LOVE to Cari for sharing in the experience of her BEauty's Light and to Soul's Code for making such Light available to ALL, We are ALL blessed!!

    Blessedly BE
    within the Embracing Light of
    PeaceFull LOVing Serenity &
    one Fantastical, Amazing, Adventurous, Party'in Journey :O)

    Radiate Soul Light/roni lipstein

  2. I love this article; in it Cari reflects the importance of the vibration state we put ourselves into. Attracting stems from vibrating and all that we vibrate towards will eventually become us. Love is the key to all that we wish to have, do or be.

    Thank you Cari for this wonderful article!

    Nordine Zouareg

  3. This is one of the easiest to understand articles that I have read on this subject :) Beautiful!!!

    It is an article everyone can read and understand, even without any previous knowledge :) , still to all of us who are consciously on this road it is a great reminder!!!

    Lots to give to everyone :) Thank you!!!

  4. Beautiful article Cari... I love what you wrote in here.

    My Blessing And All Of My Love To You Always,


  5. Thanks for this wonderful article. You are an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you very much.

  6. I appreciate the intention of your sharing Cari. I don't always find it easy to just give without at least acknowledgement or appreciation. In most cases its easier to give to a complete stranger than to someone who has been in my life for so many years. The complete stranger would appreciate it me and the familiar person would take me for granted.

    In the end though, where ever we give, the law of attraction will find its way to give us back...even if its not from the source we want it so.

  7. Cari, what a wonderful article! Your words and daily thoughts always inspire me to live and stay in a positive light.

  8. Lovely Cari.... how so true as in the physical reality we are blessed with a magnificent vehicle to experience our journeys in life. Where our eyes are the windows of our soul; our body is the story of our mind. The emotions we feel are illusions created by the stories from the thoughts of our minds. There is no separation between self, other and GOD; all is a reflection of our infinite
    and abundant selves.

    love wisdom and magic
    Alida Fehily
    Wisdom Consultant

  9. Thankyou Cari, again a spot on insight. Your inspirational words reflect a truth, a knowing, an essence of self. Yes it is about choice and love. Everyday should be a Valentines Day for everyone special in our lives. Congrats on a wonderful article, and wishing you all the success with your new book. Luv, light & laughter to you in abundance, cheers Bob

  10. Thank you ever so much for reinforcing this within my self. Beautifully written and soul filled, not mention the timing could not have been more perfect. I too have had experienced a very similar experience just recently. Expecting a certain response from another, the feeling of separation etc. Then came to the realization that I had to let go of this, allow what is to just be, and continue being what I am and loving for the sake of love itself.

    Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love to you, always!


  11. Insightful and elegantly stated.

    Perhaps there is no greater expression of love than sharing our awareness without expectation.

    Peace and Blessings,

  12. Thank you Cari for this reminder. I have realized that often our feelings of being left out, or unacknowledged, or not acknowledged the way we would like to be acknowledged, comes from our childhood experiences. It may have come from a time when we were left out of a game, or out of a group, or someone else was chosen for a position we wanted etc. If we can identify that incidence in our lives, we can often place it into the past and take ourselves back into the present. If we can keep in mind that we may not always get what we want, or in the way we want from certain people, but that often we get the attention or acknowledgement we need from others we may feel loved... And the love goes round and round. Then, as you say, if we can put our Egos aside, we can initiate the next caring action toward the person, or toward someone else and feel connected once more. After all, the other person may not even realize that he/she slighted us. There may be a million reasons why he/she didn't follow through or follow through the way we wanted him/her to follow through.And yes, we can give ourselves the love we need..

  13. Amen, dear Cari.
    Well said! Always aware of who we are and whether we are in the energy of love.
    love you

  14. Cari, these words of yours have so much power and knowing. And are a personal inspiration. Thank you for sharing them here. Paul

  15. These are very beautiful words from a very beautiful woman, i have experienced some of these feelings with Cari, and it was quite the ride. she does write from experience.

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