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Prayer Wall: to Robert Kennedy’s family and an America lonesome for her heroes

BY PAUL KAIHLA —  It was 40 years ago today in the late, great 1968 that Robert Kennedy was martyred by Sirhan Sirhan at LA’s Ambassador Hotel (the venue was demolished in 2005). The man with the unconscious gun was a Palestinian born in Jerusalem who was initially sentenced to death in a California gas chamber, and is now 64. He has spent his adult life in a nasty CA cell.

When the assassin was raised, there was no Israel. Palestine was a creature of the British colonial office.

The Kennedy clan has served as a crucible for some of America’s most noble ideals — and downside projections (adultery, addictions, affairs).

Today we join the prayers at Arlington Cemetery, and for all who were touched by the pain of this loss.

Synchronicities surround this date:

Last night, the candidate whom the Kennedy clan — Caroline, Ted, Maria Shriver et al — endorsed in the 2008 primary season as the light-bearer of their family’s movement, like, won. Barack Obama mathematically locked the Democratic nomination for president.

Just last week, Hillary Clinton cited the killing of Bobby Kennedy out of a careerist agenda. She has lost herself.

In that spirit, we also pray for Barack Obama’s safety, John McCain’s presence and the health of Edward Kennedy, who is recovering from brain surgery for a malignant tumor.

Forty years ago, as he was celebrating his victory in California’s Democratic presidential primary, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. To mark the occasion, the Op-Ed page invited his children to share their memories of him.



Lessons of the Magnolia Tree

By Kerry Kennedy


Taking ‘No’ for an Answer

By Joseph P. Kennedy II


The Delta in Our Home

By Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

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  1. My first memory of television was watching the train on CBS -- which at that time, was like C-CPAN -- conveying Robet F. Kennedy's remains from California to DC. I strived to understand. I knew it was momentous. I totally felt the gravity of the event, and have remembered it to this day

  2. I didn't know about this. Your site is a cogent resource

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