Monday, September 25th 2017

Prayer Wall: “My mom was sent to Emergency Care yesterday”

We have a prayer request for Theresa Martin, from one of her daughters coping with this elderly woman’s recent admission to a Kitchener, ON hospital. Her daughter’s petition for intercessory prayers and description of Theresa’s condition . . .

She’s had a bad cold over the last month or so, and was recently put on oxygen to help her breathe since her ability to breathe has deteriorated over the last several months.

The cold has lingered for too long and now she has fluid build up, (and who knows what else) in her lungs. It’s not a good thing.

The worst part is there are no beds available in the hospital, and they have her stuck in Emergency until a bed becomes available!! My sister said they actually wanted to send her home – can you believe it?!! I was so angry when I heard that. She’s sooooooo weak and vulnerable right now.

I cried several times yesterday and I’m sure I will break down when I see her in the bed…(bringing back memories of my dad there, who ended up dying in the same hospital !), but I’ll have to try and be strong and make some jokes. I’m so emotional right now, I’m tearing up as I write this.

I thought I would ask you to say a prayer for my mom (as I have at night before I sleep). Thanks for the prayers and hosting it on your site.

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