Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Prayer Wall: “I am in a very difficult and confusing time — Please Help”

A single mother whom we’ll call by her first initial, “M,” to protect her and her daughters’ identity and location, wrote to us to ask for advice and prayers. She’s just had a relationship-shocker that she compares to the movie, American Beauty, and the secret life of Amber Frey’s notorious (and married) ex, Scott Peterson. If that were not enough, M also just lost her corporate job.

In M’s own words . . .

I have been dating this man for almost two years. ( He told me has been divorced for five years). I found out last week he is married. I would never date a married, or even separated, person. I am in shock.

He’d given me an engagement ring in the fall, which I wasn’t ready for . . . and not  doing anything about moving forward because I have had my doubts about many things.  He is very verbally and emotionally abusive. He has lived here since August and I have been paying for mostly everything. I am not coping. He has lied to me this whole time. I now find out that last spring his wife filed for divorce because she found out about me. I had no idea that A) he had a wife, or B) that a divorce action was going on behind the scenes because of me . . . Our whole relationship is a complete lie.

All he has said is that ‘I am sorry you wasted two years of your life’. He has not apologized. The whole things sucks.

It a bad movie . . . My life is American Beauty II revisted, or Kill Bill, or Amber Frey’s story about Scott Peterson.

I am in a very difficult and confusing time . . . asking God, to Please Help, Please Help.
So many bad things have happened to me in the last 4 months … I cannot think straight.

I am exhausted and going to bed. Please pray for me … I need loaves and fishes, and every other miracle that can find its way to me. Do you understand this?

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2 Comments on “Prayer Wall: “I am in a very difficult and confusing time — Please Help””

  1. i think what M needs to get out of this experience is that she is not a victim...unless she wants to be.

    if this man is lying to her, and being abusive he needs to be removed from her home. if he won't leave then she needs to. she has to put herself and her child first.

    she can't change him or his lying ways or abusive behaviour, but she can get herself physically out of a potential dangerous situation. she needs to move on this now and not wait for something nasty to happen.

    of course it's bad to be lied to in a relationship, but by the sounds of it that fact that's he's married is the least of her problems here. am i clear? get out now...this isn't a movie and it doesn't have to be drama.

  2. M is in a state of shock, yes, but needs to find a way to regroup and not retreat. Her life, as C puts it, is NOT a movie. It is her chance to help herself and her child grow, whether or not she in in a relationship. I wish her much love and peace and hope that she moves out immediately and gets therapy and help for her and her child immediately. namaste, Sue

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