Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Prayer Wall: “A Pain No One Can Bear to Live With”

A house in a small town in Wisconsin where a mass-murder took place last October is being demolished by the owner, local clergy and government.

Soul’s Code contributor Cyndi Ingle asked in a recent essay on peak experiences, Do you need a building to feel spiritual?

Conversely, can a structure be evil? We believe, but cannot prove, the answer is “no” — that the evil in the structure is entirely a projection of our own thoughts, as is the “goodness” of a structure like a cathedral or art. Having said that, our prayers go out to those who are feeling the pain of this situation.

The original hope was to burn it, burn it to the ground; fire can cleanse. But city officials stepped in and said no way to setting a house ablaze in the middle of a neighborhood. So now the plan is to stage a communal, cathartic house-razing.

On the first Saturday of summer, residents will gather to watch local volunteers tear the house down. After that, a waste-management company will truck every nail and board out of sight, if not out of mind, to an undisclosed dump site in another, unnamed state, so as to thwart collectors of morbid souvenirs.

If you want to read the violent narrative that set up the above, here it is.

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  1. i don't believe that buildings can hold or be evil, but can see why community members would want to eradicate such a structure. seeing the house every day would be a reminder to them of their inability to prevent the deeds that took place inside from happening.

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