Monday, September 25th 2017

Prayer, Meditation, Brain Plasticity

Researchers that once commercialized software to help kids overcome learning disorders have tackled an even bigger business: a homeopathic way of beating brain problems.

According to a recent story in, a company called Posit Science “…hopes to develop programs that will tackle a wide array of problems previously treated with traditional medicine, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s to acquired movement disorders to pathological aging-even schizophrenia.

What kind of software could one develop to stimulate spirituality or train the brain to be happy? It’s easy to see prayer and meditation as a way of molding the brain and helping flex the mental muscles that help people access the divine. But many post-modern “seekers” view the activities solely as reaffirming archaic doctrinal constructs. The message gets lost in the medium.

Would you swap prayer for time with a software program if it could “guarantee” results?

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