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Places in the heart: A Reading for Aquarians

One of northern California’s leading astrologers does a reading and cultural analysis for Aquarians that everyone can learn from

AquariusBY HUNTER REYNOLDS — Chic as it is for westerners to dream of land, community and a high-speed internet connection, we’re doomed until we admit that we’ve lost the skills needed to navigate a compressed field of egos.

It was, after all, not the drugs as much as the over-individuation, which comes with privilege, that undermined the social experiments of the 60′s. Without an astrologically-inborn or skillfully reinstalled set of Aquarian skills, day-to-day life in community is more likely to disillusion than unite.

But how does a space-loving-yet-alienated Occidental pump up this supposedly shriveled Aquarian bicep?  Perhaps by taking a fresh look at the following uniquely Aquarian questions:

On what basis do we decide who to befriend? Spontaneous resonance? Slowly built trust? Common interests? A propensity to leave our preconceptions undisturbed?

As commonly acceptable as these criteria may be, does not a part of you flinch upon seeing them in print?  Is not this modus operandi a wee bit predictable-even trite? Congratulations. The flailing hand of The Friend just caught your attention.

istock_000008687761smallThe Aquarian heart is much like a beach: as the endless array of body-minds lap up against it, they register not so much as individual phenomenon as emissaries of the sloshing, collective psyche. To Aquarius, the very attempt to size up a particular wave — to put it through the  “friendship test”  — is a betrayal of one’s vast, sandy nature.

This compassionate appreciation of all flavors of humanity is, to be sure, a rare and blessed precursor to Buddhahood. But to a Utopian ego embedded in a matrix of inequality, it poses some unique vexations.

First of all, it takes a strong dose of detachment from personal preference to actually pull off being a citizen of the planet, to honestly embrace the full spectrum of Gaia-born brothers and sisters. At what point does this aloof, equalized style of caring become a defense mechanism- a good-natured rationalization for not taking the risk of personal intimacy and shared feelings?

Paris Hilton: world-famous Aquarius

Paris Hilton: world-famous Aquarius

If making one person “special” is felt as a subtle betrayal of the already schism-ravaged collective, how can Aquarius justify tethering themselves to a single relationship, community, or country?

On the other hand, until they implant themselves, like a mole, inside of the equality-killing machinery of society — and, thereby, develop compassion and insight into the paradigms that keep the gears greased and churning . . . how will they get close enough to toss in their world-saving wrench?

If devotion to the ideal of freedom, equality and human rights becomes too inflexible, Aquarius could land us on our deathbed staring back at a rebellious, disenfranchised life: that of the lone wolf whose impotent social statements pointed more to its self-conscious different-ness than to effecting lasting change.

The mindful iconoclast knows that morally-charged, “green” egos are only slightly less divisive than the hell-fire variety. For this reason, they aim their activism first and foremost on themselves — overthrowing the divide-and-consume memes and self-alienating habits propagated by the corporate media. How else will Aquarius inspire people to punch through the invisible walls that encircle them?

But in a society where media and government are becoming little more than pawns for the banksters and CEO’s, what difference can a few co-ops, tea-parties and tribes really make?


Aquarius knows that without some sort of soul-reflecting communal mirror-some sense of membership in a difference-making fellowship, cause or organization, most humans don’t feel good enough, often enough, to care about their futures. Lacking an unequivocal “yes” to incarnation, how excited can one really get about the destiny of the planet and its future generations?

Truth is, every archetype has a streak of social conscience. But few, save Aquarius, have the courage to drag their cross of  flawed authority out there onto the street where egos spit and idolize. Is there an easier way? Sure: denial, withdrawal, depression. To these poor souls, awakened Aquarius says: “Cynics are just closet activists-heartbroken egos turned in on themselves, afraid to envision and lead.”

Hunter Reynolds has integrated astrology and the meditative insights of Buddhism for 20 years, a practice he calls Astrodharma. He is available to you at this email address.

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