Friday, October 20th 2017

Pilgrim’s Progre

We are spending the night in lush wine country after a grueling trip over one mountain range, with heavy rain one day, cold, cold wind (I wished I brought gloves) and difficult walking. The way is often treacherous with jagged rocks everywhere. Otis and I are holding up well, in fact as well as the other pilgrims, in spite of our age. Tomorrow we get ready to go up another range. We have gone about 80 miles in our seven days of walking. I have gotten blisters too and have joined the company of the limpers. Very nice and warm today, finally.

The flowers remain spectacular. Roses are out everywhere, some the size of a softball. Nice healthy gardens in the wine region. We have remarked that the place is a botanists paradise. Lovely old towns and churches, lots of kind pilgrims who are always eager to help. Needless to say we are enjoying the vino tinto. It varies greatly in quality, but overall very good. We are picking up a little Spanish and people are patient with us.

I must close, my time is up!

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