Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Pray-by-Phone

Western Wall – Kotel – Jerusalem, Old City – 360° | Originally uploaded by Sam Rohn – Location Scout.

Forget that line from Joan Osborne’s ‘What If God Was One of Us‘ about “nobody calling on the phone.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that an Israeli startup is using the Internet to pipe prayers into the Middle East’s holy places, such as the Western Wall. Prayers Over IP, or POIP for short, claims to have more than 1500 callers a day.

“It’s just $5 or $10, and you get eternal life,” says Hanan Achsaf, chairman of PoIP. “With the lottery, you pay that amount, and what do you get? A piece of paper. This is much better value.”

Some question whether the service demeans religion. But others defend POIP. Jesus said the temple in Jerusalem “should be a house of prayer for all nations,” says David Decker, an ordained evangelical pastor who has a congregation in Jerusalem and travels frequently to ministries around the U.S. “How do you reach all nations today? The Internet is a way to do that,” he says.

“What we are doing is no different than what Pat Robertson is doing,” says [POIP founder Avshalom] Neumann. “We’re just a one-way messenger to the Lord.”

Chutzpah is the term that comes to mind when reading this…0:-)

However, if we were to phone our prayers into a sacred place, we might skip the wall and a ski slope in Utah covered with a perfect dusting of fresh powder… how about you?

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