Thursday, August 24th 2017

How yoga makes me feel alive

Be aware of your breathing, to be in the “now”

Peak experience: Yoga

BY: RAQUEL TAVARES When I teach my yoga classes, I often say: “Focus on the point where your exhalations meet your inhalations.”

It seems to be a very static point. A place where you know what will happen next, but aren’t quite sure what will happen if you focus on it. Will it change, or stagnate? Will you find it more a challenge to inhale then exhale and if so, what does that signify? Not much really.

The point isn’t to know what happens next, it’s to know that it’s happening at all.

How often in a day do you even notice that you’re breathing? Usually when you’re out of breath. Like when your stressed out, or just finished a long run.

Similarly, if you don’t notice your breathing (which is your life force) then do you know that you’re living at all? If so, what was the last thing you did that made you feel ‘alive’? So alive that you cried, laughed until crunched over on the floor, type of laughter. Or felt so gut-wrenched from learning something you’ve never learned before, or held a friend and comforted them in time of need.

Or, do you know what it means to be alive?

In retrospect, I’d say life isn’t any of the above, unless it’s that exact moment when you experience it. We worry often of what is, what was, what will be – we consider only those defining moments.

But what is, is this moment, right now. It’s your glaring computer screen, your hands softly grazing the keyboard, it’s the smell of your sheets, and that moment to check and notice your breathing. It’s just as unique and special as any other so, just take a moment, please?

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