Monday, September 25th 2017

Barack Obama’s astrology chart: “Grace in a Cracked Vessel”

BY HUNTER REYNOLDS, resident astrologer at California’s celebrated, Harbin Hot Springs, does a reading of the Democratic nominee for president

Choosing a president is embarrassingly similar to courting a mate. In the initial stages, the temptation is to disqualify, or idealize. The astrologer’s job is to help you find the middle path. As passionately supportive as I am of Barak Obama, when I stare at the symbolic map of his psyche and consider his unique blessings and blind spots, I am sobered. He — like all of us — is a cracked vessel.

His leadership credentials are obvious: 1) an ability to be unwaveringly comfortable and self-possessed on stage, 2) an ability to intelligently articulate and spontaneously adapt to the moment and 3) a charismatic, influential aura. If you’re familiar with astrology, you know that these three qualities fall neatly into the archetypes of Leo (his Sun Sign), Gemini (his Moon sign) and Scorpio (his Ascendant).

If you’ve followed his speeches, you’ve probably heard him speak boldly (Leo) about “the fierce (Scorpio) urgency of now (Gemini).” At this point, however, the tidy symbolism starts to blur.

With empathic, boundary dissolving Neptune squaring his 10th-house Leo Sun, it is difficult for him to sustain the usual Leonine confidence because the stronger his experience of specialness, the greater the Neptunian sensation that his ego is porous, impermanent, even phantom-like. He may appear to swagger, but just under the surface is an unraveling sensitivity. To the extent that he uses his charisma for self-aggrandizement instead of advocating for those whose suffering he feels as his own, his ambition becomes his undoing.

And how about that diplomatic finesse? His 7th house Gemini Moon is square Pluto and Uranus in the 10th house. In reaction to the upheaval and unpredictability of his early home environment, he likely detached from his body and emotions, retreating into a powerfully repressive self-control. Minus the cathartic, body-reclaiming routines of basketball and regular workouts, his articulate activism could easily slip into provocative impatience; his altruistic passion could degenerate into dominating others “for their own good.”

This much is certain: Barak is a born representative. He is both qualified and cursed to serve as a the face of our collective ego, for on the breath of his luminous presence is a trace of nicotine—a whiff of our own secret shame.

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2 Comments on “Barack Obama’s astrology chart: “Grace in a Cracked Vessel””

  1. So Obama is human, how about Hillary?
    Thanks for the profile, certainly gives a depth not seen by most.

  2. Hunter,

    Thank you for your reading. The sense I have about Obama is much the same. I believe that the US is desparate for the kind of charisma a Leo possesses -- but I also get a feeling of tenderness (not weakness, but an unprotected ribcage) about him. I hope that this political havoc that the press/public reaks upon him will not damage his purpose -- which is to bring the American public back up on its feet, cheering.

    There is so much darkness going on in the political realm, to my perception, I just hope that there is light visited upon it -- and soon.


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