Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Oprah’s friend, James Arthur Ray, on trial for manslaughter

Wall Street Journal: “You will feel as if you’re going to die. I guarantee that.

Spiritual seekers who paid five-figures for a spiritual retreat are now on the stand: “Defense Works to discredit Sweat Lodge Statements”

CNN: “Choosing to go in the sweat lodge, I believe she had something to prove to James Ray.”

The Daily Beast: “Oprah has no relationship with James Arthur Ray”

FLASHBACK: Oprah still silent

The original sweat lodge: The pagan origins of the Finnish sauna

Brand confusion: James “ARTHUR” Ray did not assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.
Boy George on healing from addiction: After realizing he’d “had enough” in 2008, celebrates three years off drugs

Biblical cure for gluttony: The author of a weight loss book says God wants you to put down the fork

Good without a God: Responses to the Wall Street Journal’s question: Do we need religion to have ethics?

Going it alone: If believing in nothing is still believing in something, atheism may be intellectually irresponsible

How dense is your grey matter? Studies show that a specific makeup lacking in brain neurons makes a person more predisposed to addiction

American’s real deficit: The super-religious superpower is spiritually-challenged

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