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October 4, 2010: Healing for abuse and addictions

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Greetings Soul’s Code Nation! This week we feature the best advice, ever, for those who have been abused; Ibogaine: a wonder drug for addictions?; When meditation is a pain; and Why “saving” another can be your worst option. Please read, enjoy and leave comments under the articles.  We love to read what you have to say!


Lessons from the Dalai Lama — ‘Forgive, turn, and run away.’

BY DAN WOO — More than seven years ago, a friend and I were introduced to a woman who had just returned to Seattle from India after a volunteering stint with Mother Teresa’s organization.

She also went to Dharamsala where she had an interview with The Dalai Lama.

This is part of what she told us. . .

“I asked The Dalai Lama about forgiveness. I asked him what was I to do with someone who had truly abused me.

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A non-pharma wonder drug for addiction? Word on the street: Ibogaine

It has been used for centuries as a healing plant and in religious rites by the Bwiti people.  In 1962, Howard Lotsof, a heroin addict, got some Ibogaine from a chemist friend of his for a psychedelic trip.  He woke up from the Ibogaine miraculously devoid of any desire to use heroin.  His brain was apparently reset, and he reported no withdrawal symptoms.

Hardcore scientists speculate that Ibogaine binds with the brain’s opiate receptors to pre-empt cravings.

But users argue that the underlying magic of the substance is spiritual: “Ibogaine allows one to ‘die’ of our former selves and be reborn clean and addiction-free,” one San Francisco Bay Area woman who has tried Iboga told Soul’s Code.

How much does it cost? Has it worked for you?

The motto for this site is everyone’s a guru. Soul’s Code is a community platform where people can share their personal solutions for self-growth and peak experiences. As we have virtually no in-house experience with Ibogaine, we invite you to share yours.

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Why “saving” another can be your worst option

If we understand that life presents us with the situations we need to learn our lessons, then when we rescue someone we are literally taking them out of that classroom.

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Spiritual Surf

Spiritual leaders behaving badly; teen’s body mod “religion”; enlightenment prepares us for the final exit.


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When meditation is a pain

Although those five days of meditation were a wonderful experience, I bailed on Goenka’s spiritual boot-camp.  And while I did leave a little sheepishly, tail between my legs, it was a life lesson in humility – Mical Akullian.


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