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October 27, 2010: Can you inherit hate?

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The sins of fathers  


Can you inherit hate? A prescription of Biblical proportions is in a new HBO documentary where the son of Colombian drug boss, Pablo Escobar, goes spiritual

BY PAUL KAIHLA  Can sin be inherited?

Carl Jung said yes, through the collective unconscious or, if you will, an ancestral emotional memory. A variation on the theme is spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle's notion of "the pain-body," which includes both the personal pain of each of our formative years with family and the collected fears, hurts and hates of our social tribe.

If you’re going to document a case study on the origins and transference of hate, violence and sin, drug boss Pablo Escobar is a cardinal candidate. The first terrorist on a national scale in the western hemisphere, he is perhaps the most notorious misanthrope in our contemporary imagination, alongside bin Laden and Hitler.

You'd think that Escobar's only son, who changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin and now works in exile in Argentina as an engineer, would have a lot of both pains to heal. But Escobar's outward violence was not felt by his wife or children. He was a doting father who spoiled Escobar Jr. with a vast collection of go-carts, a private zoo with millions of dollars worth of exotic animals – he even sang and recorded the Italian opera, Barber of Seville, to his loved ones. 

When his father was shot to death in December, 1993 by commandos, Sebastian was 16. He publicly threatened to "kill the bastards" who were responsible. But quickly recanted, and embarked on a sojourn in search of solitude and inner peace. He doesn't share his precise techniques, prayers or practices.

The centerpiece of the movie is Marroquin's dramatic encounter with the children of Pablo Escobar's two most prominent victims: a former Colombian minister of justice and presidential front-runner Carlos Galan, who was gunned down at a public rally by a machine-gun wielding Medellin Cartel hitman. The sons of the victims have worked through their pain, and now risen to leadership positions in their society. 

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