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October 13, 2010: Soul lessons from the heart of Egypt

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Soul lessons from the heart of Egypt

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An expat Australian begins a love affair with Egypt and discovers her true spiritual self in the process

BY KERRIE GUY — Since June 2001 Egypt has helped me discover myself and life more fully. I have always had a reputation of being spirited, but I have not always been in touch with my true spirit or the true spirit of life. Egypt inspired me and helped to open the doorway to my inner self. 

Egypt connected my mind and body to my spirit so that I became whole. The part of me that had for so long felt as though it was absent from my life finally fell 100% into perfect place.

Egypt in her infinite wisdom has shown me how my spirit and the spirit of life are in fact one.

One day I simply knew that Egypt was where my unquenched thirst for life would finally be quenched.  Egypt must have known this too, for Egypt led me to her.

Before I set foot in her sacred presence I had neither a passion nor a desire to even visit her shores.

On the surface my life before Egypt, in Australia, appeared to be successful, yet my spirit was totally unfulfilled. Then there was a sudden turning point in my life. I surrendered my human control based on logic and instead allowed my spirit to lead me to my rightful life destination.

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Freeing your inner slave

Some of our worst inner struggles are entirely optional. We inadvertently get hooked on unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors, yet our lives would dramatically change if we could only let them go.


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  Spiritual Surf

Anderson Cooper; Vince Vaughn's gay misstep; Lying on the net; Spiritual women


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What is Tantra?

"Souped-Up Nookie Tantra": This is a term I read in a book by David and Ellen Ramsdale called Sexual Energy Ecstasy. This form of Tantra is the one everyone is familiar with, and is prominent in the media. – Pamm

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