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No (Criss) Angel and Demons

Vegas TV magician claims tarot and divination are not in the cards for him as “Mindfreak” blasts psychics

crissangel-freak-21GUEST COLUMN: DANNY KENNY — In a CNN interview, Criss Sarantakos (a.k.a Angel) told Larry King, “no one has the ability, that I’m aware of, to do anything supernatural, psychic, talk to the dead. And if somebody claims to have supernatural psychic ability, I’m going to bust [him] live and on television.”

Ironically, Criss is Greek, and the word psychic also seems Greek to him (from the Greek psychikos—“of the soul, mental”) as it refers to an alleged ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception, or to people who claim to possess such abilities.

Criss, like most great stage magicians, is a master of misdirection, so let me redirect you for a moment to one very key word in there. . . “perception.”  Outside of my circle, whenever the topic of tarot cards or Pagan magick comes up, people’s perceptions of what those words mean jump out at me like rabbits from a hat.

Correcting misconceptions

So let’s start with misconceptions. If someone wearing a bandana and flashy jewelery tells you that they have magical powers and that for a price they can tell you (no, not you Criss) that you’re going to win the lottery, and you believe them, then you probably need a different kind of “psychic” advice.

Also with regard to misdirection, the other key phrase to take note of is “hidden from normal senses” or, in other words, divination.  Now divination has long been viewed as the province of specially gifted persons, such as prophets, shamans, and magicians, and defined as “successful conjecture by unusual insight or good luck,” where as prophesy is defined as “a prediction uttered under divine inspiration.”

Tuning into Higher Consciousness

However, I believe that most people have access to information that comes from “other” sources, they are just either unaware of it, have shut it down since childhood, or attribute it to something else such as, dreams, déjà vu or “the Divine”, (or they may just think they heard it on Oprah)!

As for the tarot, at its most basic level, a (tarot) reading with a reputable reader gives the subject an opportunity to sit down in a quiet, safe space and focus on her life, in the context of mind, body, and spirit.  With the aid of ancient pictorial symbols and open-mindedness, perhaps she will see the patterns or problems in her life from a very different, but constructive perspective and then decide what to do with that information.

So even when looked at from that logical point of view, (without using extrasensory powers) it can be a very empowering form of therapy, in that it allows the subject to release and discuss issues often hidden or perhaps buried from those closest to them, including themselves. Of course, depending on your spiritual path or perspective, it can transcend that, often in quite “magickal ways.” In fact, for the reader, one of the “real rewards” of doing readings is seeing the lightness (of being) return to the subject after a different kind of light has been shed on his or her issues or concerns.

However, unlike “Mr. Angel,” I am not trying to sell tickets for a show or hang my shingle outside of my tent.   Divination has been around since men and, often and more particularly, women (yes Criss; women, as I noticed you used the word “him” exclusively in your rant, but we’ll save that for another day) first looked up at the stars from their campfires and began to look for signs and forces greater than themselves.

Or perhaps cynics and skeptics are right when they say that if there wasn’t a power greater than us or a divine presence, we would have had to invent one; and also that time is linear, and that science can explain everything.

Science is revealing a deeper “Magick”

But what if they’re wrong, like “the learned scholars” who for so long thought the world was flat or that women were inferior? Ironically or perhaps not, as science “discovers” more about quantum physics (not psychics) the idea of linear time comes more and more into question.

So if it turns out that the past and the future are not clearly “defined,” then perhaps in the “future, as in the past,” people will return to the realization that regardless of what “the stars” or divine presence may have in store for us down the road to destiny; we still have the free will to heed the warnings or signs along the way or simply ignore them.

My advice is, don’t believe in “angels or demons” until you’ve given yourself the opportunity to discover or uncover the truth for yourself; you never know you may to turn out to be a “MINDFREAK!” yourself.

Truth, love and light always!

Danny Kenny is a San Francisco based writer and Wiccan witch.

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7 Comments on “No (Criss) Angel and Demons”

  1. This is a very smart story. I never knew about this character, but I recognize the group-think around me.

  2. The article is illogical, and rife with misspellings...I too believe in things (everything) unseen, beyond the range of the five senses. Criss Angel does not....And so what?

    Contrary to the author's claim, he is not about to "hang out a shingle" -- he simply wants to, like The Amazing Randi, expose the many fakes among us. He's also a mind-boggling magician, possibly the greatest ever. Criss's achievement has taken tremendous intelligence, discipline, and dedication. The result - - harmless entertainment and the opening of minds to possibility/human potentials."

  3. Danny, this is an interesting article. You have sparked my interested in learning about Tarot and Wicca.

  4. Witches don't use "spell check"! Oh and by the way, Magick is not "mis-spelled" it refers to real Magick as used in real transformations, not pulling "Bunnies" (or in Criss's case "Bunny Girls") out of hats.
    Blessed Be
    Danny Boy
    P.S I also happen to think Criss is a great magician, although his drumming needs a lot of work, but then again so did Ringo's:)

  5. Hiya, hiya,
    I'm back to compliment you, albeit belatedly, on a generally well-written piece -- even though the astounding magic of Criss Angel doesn't receive the respect & accolades it so richly deserves.
    My main reason for dropping by once again is to let you know that I'm well aware of the hoary and intriguing use of the "magick" and "magickal" spellings.But as these off-the-cuff articles go, this one measured up pretty well. As I said, I don't understand why Criss was faulted for his views. Watching him "levitate" is far more uplifting to my spirit than listening to a $50-per-hour Tarot reader, who may be having an "off" day, grope for meaning.

  6. Hola Jo-Ann; thank you for coming back, and making peace with our passionate, unconventional but always-brilliant author, Danny Kenny.

    It sounds like *you* have a story to tell. You have a generous spirit, wide bandwidth of experience, and an acute acumen. Please share: what drew you to Tarot readings --- and other readings of your life turns, and let it be said, soul?


  7. Anyone who thinks Criss can do what he does through natural means, is at best deceived and at worst an idiot. There is no doubt in my mind that what he does is purely demonic. However, that does not mean that he is not also a master of misdirection. I think he using his misdirection expertise to the fullest when he attacks those who claim to have supernatural abilities, because that's exactly what he has.

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