Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

No. 4: Brother Sun, Sister Moon

movie posterAnother Italian master, Franco Zefferelli, devotes 120 minutes of celluloid to a subject closer to home: the life of Umbrian saint, Francis of Assisi, the most revered male figure in Christianity next to Jesus himself. A period piece that reflects the halo of a fading hippie counterculture, this 1972 biopic catches up to young Francis, a diletante and playboy, as he returns to Assisi from fighting in wars. In real life, St. Francis underwent his conversion when he had an epiphany in a dream during a ride to join the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204). He returned after one day, a changed man.

Karma points: The title is inspired by The Canticle of The Sun, a lyrical meditation St. Francis completed in 1225; it’s regarded as the Italian language’s first literary work.

Check it out yourself: Brother Sun, Sister Moon

No. 3: Groundhog Day

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