Friday, September 22nd 2017

No. 2: 2001 A Space Odyssey

movie posterArguably the most influential sci-fi movie ever, this abstract cinematic essay was penned by two visionaries: director Stanley Kubrick and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Its central message is that a supreme intelligence is behind the leaps that have informed the evolution of human consciousness. The widely-copied “stargate” scene at the end, in which a lone astronaut is propelled “beyond the infinite”, suggests that mankind is on the brink of its greatest leap yet. Played by Keir Dullea, the astronaut arrives in a new dimension, has a last supper, dies — and after leaving his physical body, is reborn as a spiritual creature represented by an embryonic starchild.

Karma points: The “Clarke Belt” is named after the screenplay’s co-author because in 1945 Clarke came up with the concept of geostationary satellites, and how they could revolutionize global communications.

No. 1: Kundun

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