Wednesday, September 20th 2017

Nearing Santiago

We have only 5K left to go and will arrive at Santiago tomorrow. We walked 12 miles today and it has turned cold and windy. We had a few showers, but fortunately didn’t get caught in a downpour.

We are glad we started in Leon since the last 100K hasn’t been as pretty, although still compelling.

We arrived late two days ago at the pilgrim hostel and there was no room in the inn and we were too tired to continue. A woman from South Africa took us in hand and found us a place to stay in a lovely farmhouse where we had a dinner made entirely from things the couple had grown. There we met two Brits and a German and had a delightful time, thanks to the saint from South  Africa who aided us in Portuguese.

Last night met one of only a few American on the Camino, a young man from Wisconsin who was doing the Camino for his dad who just died recently of a heart attack.  Many people, many stories.  We have great admiration for our fellow pilgrims, limping as we go on to Santiago.

Sending our best wishes to all,

Phyllis the Pilgrim

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