Friday, September 22nd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Conception and abortion; Lincoln’s reincarnation; priest aborts wedding

Pro-choice vs. Buddhism; origins of Thanksgiving; forbidden Christian texts; marrying in sin

Karmic burden of killing: Despite the finding of 2,000 fetuses stored for various illegal abortion clinics, Thailand’s largely Buddhist government won’t budge on its anti-abortion laws.

Pee on a stick before taking vows: A pastor in Nigeria refuses to marry a couple until they have served their punishment for pregnancy.

A whole life in your hands: A couple in Minneapolis can’t decide whether to abort their child, so they’re letting strangers decide via Internet poll.

Stealing books from children: Uzbekistan youth returning from a visit to Kazakhstan have had their Christian books ‘temporarily removed’ by their own government.

Thanksgiving more Biblical than secular: A historian says American pilgrims were all about Moses.

Was Abe a reincarnated Hindu? Lincoln created Thanksgiving, and a yoga master says Hinduism created Lincoln.

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