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Michael Jackson: May he be reincarnated

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Soul’s Code columnists, spiritual teachers and readers share their insights about the King of Pop’s passage


SOUL’S CODE — When the Indian “hugging saint”, Amma, perhaps the most-loved person on the planet, enters an ashram or a hall or a tent in her world travels, all rise. Her presence is so supernatural, so beyond celebrity or personality, the rite acknowledges a rare phenomenon: the “godhead” has touched the floor which you, too, touch.

So it was with Michael Jackson. When his feet touched a stage, his presence touched a deep energy and knowing in us all. The “godhead” touched earth. Our columnists and readers share how they were touched . . .

Vicki Woodyard — No matter how one may have felt about Michael Jackson, watching the memorial service opened one’s heart chakra to an amazing degre, not unlike the service for Princess Diana. It is easy to see why.

In the sorrowful hour that we all face sooner or later, when a loved one has left the body, we face ourselves empty and alone. Tears fall and strangely enough, we are rendered kinder than we might have thought possible. Forgiveness rains onto the hard earth of the human heart. We need this.

Our culture does not know how to mourn; there is no tribal ritual until someone as famous as a Princess Diana or a Michael Jackson or an Elvis Presley dies. Then we unite via satellite hookups to shed virtual tears together. Strangely, they plop down our living human cheeks, and this is a good thing. A good thing indeed.

I don’t know what I thought about Michael Jackson and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I am a human living on this earth. Whoever takes us one step closer to each other is helping to heal the planet. Our nature and our destiny are one. We are made of paradox and stardust. We rise and fall like waves and in rejoining the sea, there is somehow an exultation tied in with the tears.

dove-and-michaelLisa ‘Dane’ McCullough To the best of my understanding, I believe that Michael Jackson was the bearer of profound love and profound negativity/confusion for the masses.   He was a sensitive soul that played out his role on earth to  perfection even though it wasn’t our idea of how he should be. I cannot  fathom how he lived a life of so much attention, expectation, etc.

He clearly gave life his all at times and was incredibly gifted.  His passing is an invitation for each of us to assume responsibility for giving our lives our all. Perhaps now we can own more of who we are — in all  of our light and shadow. I don’t own a television and did not feel the desire or need to watch any of the events yesterday. Furthermore, I think that the timing of his and Farrah’s passing is fascinating. Her being the ‘angel’ and him being the bearer of the darkness. Even their physical appearances were polar opposites. Something big and universal got balanced when they passed.

I felt the energy shifts for days afterwards. The summer solstice and the shifting of the light played in here too. That is enough to share for now though. 

Elaine Springer — Just incredibly sad; sad that someone so beautiful and gifted suffered in so much pain. The people who knew and loved him understood him. The media and the masses never could.

Chelsea Langan Few people will admit that they will never know what and if anything ever happened, although from a spiritual perspective, it wouldn’t even matter.  Due diligence is required on an individual basis, and everyone in judgement of others tribulations will have to deal with the due diligence forced by the judgements themselves. However, none of this compromises our connection to Source, it only makes the journey a bit more twisted.

He was no doubt the brightest soul on earth since the advent of media and technology, nothing less. He let his Energy and Love emerge and flow on Earth better than anyone, and we could all take notes!

Anita Burns — I think he was an enormously talented, yet troubled man-child. Perhaps his life became so unbearable that he unconsciously brought on his passing. Too sensitive for the onslaught of media hounds looking for anything to sell their stories or get more ratings.

These are just thoughts. I may be way off.  I got so tired of the news media feeding on his death, that I mostly turned it off.

parisLaurence Koike The memorial was beautiful especially from 11-year-old Paris. A moving ceremony to honor someone.  We have memorials for people but it’s all about us and how we feel. The dead cannot really appreciate it, not in the physical sense. I say “not in the physical sense” because I believe we each live on forever in another consciousness.  The physical being passes away but the US that is the Universe lives on. We care and we feel as the living.

As far as the man or “man-child”, I agree he was a troubled person. He was exploited as a child, and exploited even in his death. Perhaps all those accusations about child molestations (alleged since we do not know the truth) was his way of controlling what he could not control.  His reaction to being ‘used’ all the time by others. What kind of psychology would you nurture if your whole life was living in a “fish bowl” (quote from MJ). 

Anita Magnoli After watching the event, I really had an appreciation for his life.  Michael Jackson was a world-wide figure and he really brought the music industry to the next level.

He has definitely left his legacy. . .RIP MJ

Paul Kaihla PIECES OF AN AFTERLIFE: Was it an accident of celebrity that Michael Jackson and Britney Spears performed together? Or was it an alignment of what self-help author, Caroline Myss, calls “energy anatomy” ?

Britney was Michael’s tabloid mirror-image for the millennials, both raised by parents who manufactured their kids to be fame-making and money-making widgets. Maybe Britney was most honest about it in her 2007 song, Piece of Me.

Before his children, Michael’s most beloved mate was his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, now,  in real life, alive in an animal sanctuary.

You can forever experience Bubbles and Michael, immortalized, in the permanent collection of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, in the larger-than-life porcelain sculpture that made Jeff Koons’ 1988 “banality series” so famous:


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7 Comments on “Michael Jackson: May he be reincarnated”

  1. true compassion = true understanding, because nothing is unhuman and we're all the same.

  2. Michael was a true artist that expressed himself visually, physically and
    through music. Any true artist has been critized through history,
    no surprises, he was misunderstood by so many.

    The positive side was the number of people who did appreciate and love him as an artist out weights the negative. It is a true tragedy that MJ internalized
    the negativity leading to an early departure. That is my opinion.

    The ceremony was beautiful and touching. It is also a spiritual
    tragedy that there will always be those who want to tear down
    something beautiful and true because they do not understand and
    fear it. I guess that is human nature???? LOL At least for some.

  3. What has bothered me about all this are the many negative comments in general. Is it jealousy? Is it racial? Is it denial about death? Can people not relate to the abuse Michael had from his father, or are people not old enough to know just how big of a star this man was? Do they not realize he was part of our culture for over 40 years which was basically his whole life? Why are people concerned if one celebrity's death gets more exposure than another?

    And why do we have no problem treating the results of a TV show like American Idol as 'news' but complain about the coverage of the sudden passing of the person who made the greatest selling studio album in the history of recorded music?

    I don't know the answers to the above questions. All I know is that a person who made some very incredible music died unexpectedly. That music had an uncanny ability to connect with people, and that music was a part of my life. As a human being, unexpected death reminds me of how life can be gone in an instant. So it's safe to say that a part of me is gone too. And because this person wrote and sang songs about feeding the hungry, giving and encouraging people to make the world a better place through love, the fact that he is no longer here to do that cannot be a good thing...

    1. i loved everything about this beautiful talented man,may u rest in perfect peace...AMEN!

  4. Alright MJ funeral was put on public display, but you are talking about one of the most influential people in the history of the world. Not just because of his album sales but for the right he has done for this world.

    The families that went to bed with dinner in their stomachs because of him, musicians he inspired, and the walls he broke down. Do i think it was wrong for them to honor Michael in Staples Arena in LA. No i do not, I think that all those people got a chance to pay their respects and prayers to this man. No other musician in the world would do it.

    That was Michael Jackson, though he lived for his fans and was a humble human being. Truth is its people like Nancy Grace profitting of his death by speaking half truths about him and his family. I believe his family affairs with his children and their future lays in the hands of justice. You must have faith in our justice system.

    RIP, Mr Michael Jackson.

  5. It feels like he is not really gone and the his spirit is lingering. I hope he is at peace.

  6. I am reminded of the famous quote that "everyone we know is fighting a great battle." We do not possess the perspective to really know or understand what is going on with anyone else beside ourselves, but we do possess the capacity to send loving, kind and compassionate thoughts to him, his family and his children, because they all very much need our loving support.

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