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Meditation as a medication: An auto-immune disease called Lupus

JEMMA’S JOURNEY: (The 2nd of 2 parts)

Master Hai Kong is a revered figure in China’s resurrected and re-activated Buddhist community. Seekers from all over the most populous nation-state in the world want to learn from him.

Typically, he performs his empowerment rituals four times a year — and does so for hundreds of students at a time. To have my own personal ritual, was a once-in-a-lifetime gift (and many more if you believe in Buddhism).

The rest of the holiday, I continued to practice daily for about five hours while staying at the temple and, to this day, continue this practice at least once daily.

The results are staggering.

I no longer live on Tylenol every four hours, I have reduced my Lupus medication (under the guidance and approval of my rheumatologist) and my overall strength and emotional state has improved tremendously. I have noticed each day the pain becoming less and more manageable. My energy levels are increasing.

How can Master Hai Kong’s meditation teaching help one’s physical and psychological being in such an effective way?

Master Hai Kong’s meditation style is the first step of what he’s called, “Talismanic Wheel and Diamond Dharma” teaching.

It originates from Tibet’s Tantric Buddhist Yellow Sect practice — streamlined from the same lineage of the one and only Dalai Lama.

Having an open mind and heart to this Buddhist meditation gave me hope, and an opportunity to gain control over my daily pain. Wen and I believe it can also help many others.

Inspired by these positive results and knowing how it has helped many people in China, Wen took a brave step of asking Master Hai Kong if he would teach her his techniques — and grant her permission to teach this form of meditation to people in Canada. Master Hai Kong delightfully accepted the request, and trained Wen to channel his energies.

There are only 25 other students who are personally trained by Master Hai Kong and have been given permission to teach this particular technique.

The North American Fulong Dharma Centre, located in Oakville, Ontario, offers meditation classes and Dharma Teachings for those who wish to gain better insight into leading less-stressed lives :) Jemma can be found at (416) 451-2063, or

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