Friday, October 20th 2017

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s spiritual journey

Spiritual IQ Quiz — The man. The myth. The monument. Martin Luther King Jr.’s visage, carved in stone, will soon loom over our nation’s capital, as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. national memorial. But before the monument — or the national holiday– he was just a man. How much do you know about the guy whose friends called him simply “Martin”?

Martin Luther King Jr. was originally named:

Martin Luther King’s mentor, Howard Thurman, once met with what renowned world leader?

The U.S. government tapped Martin Luther King Jr.’s phone under whose orders?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was launched in 1955 by King when Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. What was her punishment?

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August of 1963, where King gave his “I Have A Dream Speech” was originally opposed by what national figures?

King lost some of his support, in 1967, over his opposition to what:

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