Thursday, August 24th 2017

Madonna, Guy Ritchie and Kabbalah: a marriage on the rocks, divorce-talk over religion

News that Madonna retained Paul McCartney’s divorce attorney has now stoked revelations that her marriage to film director Guy Ritchie (left) is on the rocks because they’ve parted paths in their spiritual practice.

Forgive us for thinking that a spiritual path was all about bringing people closer together — like, getting them out of their heads and into their hearts :)

The story is that Madonna has delved deeper into Kabbalah; Ritchie was also into the Judaic mystical tradition to the point of even helping to school their kids in it, but has now called it quits.

The irony is that critics say that the fiercely-secular Madonna practices a kind of Kabbalah Lite, a watered down version suitable for stars.

As our own Smadar de Lange has noted, Kabbalah isn’t so much a method to practice as “a vibration to be.”

According to the UK’s Sun newspaper, Ritchie “became suspicious of all the Kabbalah crowd living off (Madonna’s) money.”

“Crowd” is an oblique reference to the Beverley Hills, CA-based The Kabbalah Centre.

In mid-April, we critiqued a lengthy, take-down of The Kabbalah Centre by the The New York Times Sunday Magazine. The story made hay of the way the centre has bent Kabbalah out of shape to cater to celebs like Madonna:

. . . In its Los Angeles incarnation, the center is spiritual home to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Roseanne Barr, Donna Karan and any number of other celebrities who dip in and out as the spirit moves them.

Most important, as anyone who has heard anything about the center knows (and often it is the only thing they know), its public face is none other than the stridently non-Jewish and notoriously profane human meteor named Madonna.

Is it possible for people whose daily work is to sell their personal image for a living to ever experience true intimacy and the dissolving of the ego’s walls?

Rare among public figures is the relationship that spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, has with his common-law partner, Kim Eng — a high bar for any of the Madonna’s or Britney’s or Lindsey’s to match.

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