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Living Life with Intensity

Call it a peak experience, meditation or tuning in. To one Aussie teacher, “it” felt like a bliss called love

GUEST COLUMN: NHYS GLOVER — Once while teaching a personal development class  in Australia, I asked my students to relate the feeling of one of those moments in their lives when their cup was running over with joy.nhys1

They stared blankly at me.

“You don’t know this feeling? Not even when something really good happened in your life?” I asked incredulously.

They all shook their heads. I was gob-smacked. To live life without having those moments of intense joy or happiness seemed like no life at all.

I wondered how people could survive without those moments. I wondered what life would be like without them. I can’t even imagine.

Incredible, exhilarating highs and often devastating lows have always been part of my experience. Call me bipolar if you like, but the intensity of life has always been the most intoxicating thing about it.

Many teachers recommend balancing out these highs and lows, and I guess over the years I’ve become a little less extreme. But I would never give up my moments of exhilaration of joy overflowing for anything.

Now I see those experiences as normal. Although, after that experience with my class, I realize that they may, in fact, not be quite so  normal as I thought.

One step up from such moments  is what I (and Soul’s Code) call a “Peak Experience.” I’ve had a few of these that literally brought tears to my eyes. Those were mere moments that were indelibly imprinted on my mind.

But there was one, and only one, that left the others in the dust.


I tuned my inner radio to “grace”

About twenty years ago I was participating in a meditation class. The teacher asked us to imagine that the energy of the universe was like radio waves. We couldn’t see it, and we couldn’t even feel it unless we had a radio.

And that radio had to be tuned in to the right frequency. It was a bit like when FM came in and a lot of us only had AM radios. We couldn’t get this new, wonderful sound through different speakers.

He had us imagine that we were the radio and that our heart space was a dial that could tune into frequencies that were out there. For many of us, our dials were just a little off, and so we only received static. It was a lovely exercise and I liked it. I practiced tuning my radio receiver in as often as I could remember to do it.

One morning, just as I was waking up still caught in Alpha I groggily imagined tuning my dial. In an instant there was this amazing whoosh it was a physical sensation as much as emotional and a wave of exquisite love poured into me. I use the word love, because I don’t know of any other way of describing it. But it was love like I’d never felt before.

My whole being was bathed in this…  love, and I just lay there in bliss.

loveEventually, after some time I’m not sure how long I came back to myself and got up. The feeling had weakened but was still there pumping through my system. I literally felt I could walk inches above the ground. I felt an amazing sense of peace and acceptance and a sense of being totally loved.

I must have glowed because my husband and kids were a bit taken back. I was so gentle and loving and unflappable.  As I drove to work that morning I thought“It wouldn’t matter if my family didn’t love me, or my friends didn’t love me.”  I felt certain that having that sense of love was all I would ever need.

My Peak Experience will always be with me

It took about a day or so for the euphoria to finally disappear, but I will always remember that time. When I’m alone, and feeling unloved, I remember that time. I can’t actually relive the experience, because, like any intense sensation, the body forgets it over time.

But I remember, and I know I experienced “grace” in that early morning dial-up.

I’ve never experienced it again and I guess I never really have to. Knowing it’s there is enough. And some day I may be in a deep state of relaxation and I might adjust my heart dial and I might experience that peak again. But I’m okay if I don’t.

Nhys Glover is an Aussie teacher, now living in England. Her life-long exploration into spirituality and personal awareness has finally led her to a place where she offers her research and experience to others via her site.

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3 Comments on “Living Life with Intensity”

  1. I loved reading about your experience Nhys.. It proves once more to me that we're loved and supported in a way we can't even fathom.. you did. I myself, access this other realm through meditation sometimes..sometimes I just find myself there and sometimes when I'm painting. When I'm painting spirit often offers me a hand and when that happens I'm in pure bliss. I feel that it's necessary to enjoy those experiences fully, but not to get attached to them, wanting to stay in them for ever. I think that's what some enlightened teachers mean by staying balanced, not get blown over by either wonderful experiences, or tragic ones, but to enter each fully and embrace whatever feelings we have.Then let them go...


  2. Thank you so much for writing this! Cyndi Ingle posted it on my Facebook page so many others can enjoy it! I have had similar peak experiences and, by looking at your picture, can see that resonance in your eyes!

    More of us need to share our peaks and valleys and that certain knowledge that Grace is the underlying principle of this world, of life and of every cell within us! One of the adjustments that is sometimes made through me in a soul alignment, is to allow all cellular receptors to tune to the soul's essence (grace). If you allow your internal broadcast system to tune to that frequency as well, it exponentiates the process.

    I love your 'slogan' as well. "Everyone's a Guru". Yes! We are all sparks of divine light and love. Every one.

  3. I just learned something there 'about dialing to the universe', I can feel the response n energy...the universe loves me!! Now I m feeling lifted, loved and at peace....n that's precious....thanks a mil :)

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