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Spiritual Surf: Trainspotting, addiction, and Soul’s Code movie picks


In Great Britain, the disaffected, heroin-addicted young men immortalized in Irvine Welsh’s seminal novel, Trainspotting, are now middle-aged. And, it emerged this week, they are dying before their time. (The Guardian)

The high cost of cocaine: For “Clare Shaw . . .  her career, her friends, her husband and even her daughter”.  (UK Daily Mail)

Primed for addiction: A new Northwestern University study smokes out temptation (New Scientist)

Whole Foods blowback: Multi-millionaire CEO Mackey goes rogue with an anti-Obama healthcare rant in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal (The Austin American-Statesman)

Hollywooaaron-eckhart1d fall fare

The studios and Indie producers have more than 100 movies slated for release after Labor Day. Here are the top 3 aimed at Soul’s Code readers:

SEPTEMBER: “Love Happens”

Aaron Eckhart plays a self-improvement guru modeled on Tony Robbins in this romantic comedy; lucky leading lady Jennifer Aniston gets to play a stereotype: florist.

OCTOBER: “Couples Retreat”

Kristen Bell, who gave the phrase ‘outer beauty’ new meaning in the smash-hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall, joins the leading men from Swingers (the always-on, “money” men, Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau) in this dramedy about two couples undergoing psychotherapy, filmed in French Polynesia.


2012-movieSoul’s Code gave you the skinny on this special-effects blockbuster, starring Amanda Peet and John Cusack, a year ahead of schedule. The confluence of astronomy, Bush’s wars and the Great Recession has given the Mayan body of prophecy viral heat among New Agers:

No wonder everyone’s talking about the year 2012.


SPIRITUAL CINEMA footnote: As predicted in  Spiritual Surf, the Paul Giamatti vehicle, Cold Souls, is too complicated to achieve blockbuster status at the box office but is a bright light of summer among mainstream movie critics:

Sundance review of Cold Souls with Paul Giamatti

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  1. This is a great spiritual surf, especially "The true cost of temptation." Trainspotting is such a moving and emotional movie, it can be hard to believe that it's based on a true story. The article about Clare Shaw was moving as well. It's impressive to read how and why Clare chose to overcome her addictions. These two articles prove that there are no class barriers regarding drug usage and addictions. Good selections!

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