Monday, September 25th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Burning Man, Michael Jackson, Pfizer, and drugs

The man burned at the annual festival in Black Rock City.... Frederic Larson / The Chronicle

(Non-book) Burning censorship: An annual Labor Day weekend utopian community imposes “decency standards” —  self-image crackdown at Burning Man festival

Will Michael finally escape and Rest in Peace? The Jackson tomb is to remain a mystery at LA’s celebrated Forest Lawn cemetery

Pfizer’s ginormous fine: Do the increasing penalties against drug companies really cure the problem of the pill-pushers?

Teach your children well? ADHD Drug Approved for Children and Teens

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out! A Betty Ford for internet addicts

Lunch and Learns” for doctors on their break as new document details plan to promote costly post-Prozac drug

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