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Has the recession scared you with feelings of scarcity?

An anti-anxiety antidote from Katie Davis, a spiritual teacher and peer of Eckhart Tolle’s

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SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: KATIE DAVIS author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment — Through spiritual awakening, we realize that virtually nothing is as it seems. Previously, we believed that we were a tiny fraction of individuality that was limited to an, “I am the body,” idea.

In mis-identification with the false “I,” which is the ego or mind-made self, it seemed like we were separate bodies that lived in a world of other separate people and things.

That individuated ego only knows separation, so it can only perceive separation and its lack. This delusion is the source of all suffering, and what we call the misery of the world.

Upon awakening, we realize that the mind is only a mirror. It will reflect whatever is within you.

The difference between wealth and enlightenment

In other words, if you are experiencing lack in your life situation, it is reflecting the lack that exists within the divided mind. No matter how real it may seem, there is no lack and suffering within the world; its source is within you, as ego or the collective ego.

woman-mirrorThe ego’s reference point is the fraction that is lacking its wholeness. The world of form is only a self-projection; a mirrored opportunity to realize the ego’s mistake in identity.

Perhaps an example serves best. When you wake up in the morning, perhaps you walk into the bathroom and look into the mirror to see that your hair is quite a mess.

You would never pick up your comb and try to comb your hair on the image in the mirror. The mirror can only reflect what is. There is no pragmatic way to fix the mirror image.

It is precisely the same in the life situation. What you hear your mind judge in your life situation or within the world is sourced within you. So at last, we take responsibility for the mirror. This is why it is said so often that the key to world transformation and your life situation is within you. We have been looking for answers in all the wrong places.

You have nothing new to attain

Through self-inquiry, you can discover that the ego never existed in the first place. Your beautiful body (and its given name) is still there in the mirror, with all of its inborn talents and unique expressions; just no longer limited by ego’s lack and suffering. The false “I” dissolves its altered state of consciousness into the pure consciousness that it genuinely is right now.

Pure “I” — or what some call the heart, pure awareness or true self — is the totality that is supremely fulfilled, abundant, perfectly peaceful and the abode of unconditional love. You are that now, but you may not yet be conscious of the fact. What I am saying is that there is nothing new to attain. We have only to become conscious of what authentically already is.


The only apparent difference between the sage and the ego who still believes that their individuality is their true identity is that the mind of the sage is illumined through enlightenment, and therefore absolutely still. The quiet mind provides a still, perfect mirror.

It is able to perfectly reflect the heart and its perfection. Whereas, the divided mind of ego and its compulsive thinking creates waves and ripples upon the surface of being. It is like a circus mirror that reflects an untrue, distorted image.

It reflects the altered state of consciousness that is suffering the pain-gap between the fulfilled heart that it genuinely is, and its perception of lack caused by the idea of being a fragmented individual; “me” vs. “world” vs. “God.”

Becoming free of time and becoming aware of the present moment are helpful first steps and essential to the discovery of the inner body; the pathway to realizing the truth. However for the sake of humanity, it is time to cut to the chase.

The most direct manner to self-realization is self-inquiry.

What I experienced in my awakening

While the initial awakening is extraordinary and powerful, I am inviting you to complete the journey. It is the only enduring resolution for humanity and the world of form.

the-awakeningsmallInitially, this awakening does appear to be an individual affair. In the end, it is realized that there is only the greater awakening. The miracle is that consciousness is no longer losing itself in the world of form.

Through “your” awakening, it is dissolving its altered states. Just as the ego fell apart in its “individual” awakening, we are now witnessing the collective ego as it falls apart and world structures, such as financial institutions, falling away.

I invite you to be a part of the living answer, rather than adding fuel to the negativity of the collective. Fear attracts fear and the delusion grows stronger.

In truth, just as the ego does not exist, the collective ego is also a delusion. It is all a dream of the divided mind. Now, I recognize that the falling apart is required, and I see it as a miracle. Rather than seeing this as destruction, consciousness is in fact birthing the new.

Just as the cocoon of the butterfly must fall away for it to fly to freedom, we are presently witnessing the New Dawn of the world transformation. Realize completely who you really are and remain steadfast as that perfectly divine peace.

Desire and fear are vanishing along with the phantom, named ego, to which they belong. Keep still, while the mirror clears. It is all happening by itself.

Who are you when you are free of virtually every thing? What remains? I say that another name for you is conscious freedom and never-ending joy.

smallkatie1Katie Davis is author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment.  Her website has free downloads, e-books, videos, and newsletters about being now, awakening, enlightenment, non-duality, advaita and self-realization. Read Katie’s previous article for Soul’s Code: All love is one love.

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5 Comments on “Has the recession scared you with feelings of scarcity?”

  1. All so true. It's a hard trick to be aware all the time but at least there's a beginning and I think we recognise this in each other and particularly in the world today. What I enjoy is forthright language and stories to communicate this message in a way that is easily accessible to everyone. It saves us from, again, being separate from each other by falling in love with theories- A sneaky little ego trap of the mind, that I have experienced.

  2. Dear Angela ~

    Thank you so much for your reply. What you are sharing is so true.

    We cannot approach the awakening and enlightenment in the manner that we have been used to. When we acquire new assumptions, theories and concepts, we are only adding more mind to the basket that we must in fact empty.

    This path requires no learning. Instead, it requires direct looking. We look within to see for ourselves what authentically is. The awakened or Self-realized can only point where to look. Then, it is up to you to see.

    When we live ego's life, we are limited to concepts and theories. We live a one dimensional, mental existence. Each and every mental concept will be surrendered by itself in your willingness to look. After all of the false ideas of the mind are surrendered, what remains is who you are ... a brilliantly shining diamond of joy that is bliss and perfect peace!

    If I may humbly offer one pointer. You wrote, "It’s a hard trick to be aware all the time." The truth of the matter is you are aware in virtually every moment, because you are that Awareness. The problematic situation seems to be that we mis-identify with the false, ego "I." This ties a knot (drops a veil) so that we are no longer conscious that we are aware.

    It is a matter of where you are looking FROM. From the "I" that is the body, we have ego, its time and suffering. From Being Awareness, we realize our magnificence!

    Is it not true that you are aware when you are crying, aware when you are driving your car, aware when you are angry, etc? Yes, we are constantly aware. We have only to shift the reference point.

    The complexity of the mind would like to think enlightenment is also complex and difficult. That idea is actually a postponement strategy of the ego. In the end, the sheer simplicity will be appreciated. Being Awareness is what we have always and forever been.

    How beautiful that you are recognizing this in others and in the world! Since they are a mirror of you ... this is proof that the awakening is emerging within you. Be still ... it emerges on its own accord, while all else fades away. So beautiful ...

    All Love ~ Katie

  3. yes, this is a cool thing. it is like a buddhist vibe for enlightenment. keep adding to the world to wake up, dave

  4. Beautiful Divine Being of Light and Love, Katie;

    Indeed this is pure wisdom, pure truth, a pure enlightened message of oneness of the beloved divine lifeforce of all that is; beyond all ego and separation of this perceived reality that plagues our 'human-ness'. Your insights are a synthesis of all great spiritual gurus; no longer is it necessary to plow through huge manuscripts and book after book on spirtual teachings. You emanate the essence of the only truth in your words. We all appear as divine rays from the collective sun of light, love and cosmic consciousness, and we all have the most illuminating opportunity in this lifetime to embrace the true divinity we are in out inner essence, without need to add, complete, adjust, but by just dropping into the inner resting place that is nestled within the bosom of the universe we may experience true peace and true inner awakening.

    I would love to post a poem on this site,
    Blissfilled Blessings,

  5. Ocean of the Universe

    This body-less experience
    This dynamic fluid, limitless-ness
    Experienced by the soul essence
    Is so transcendent, so pure
    Playful, loving, infused with warmth
    Dropping within the soul essence
    To realize cosmic consciousness
    The lotus petals out-turned
    It is absolute love, absolute connection
    Fusing with all in dynamic flow
    Of life-force energy
    A state beyond all states confined in body
    The glimpse of remembered innocence
    The aliveness of being moved
    By the flow of pulsing unlimited expansiveness
    A return to Source of all Universal truths
    It is realized it is all-pervading
    It is in all things, all form
    A dynamic current of ever-pulsating energy
    Moves continuously; yet is unmoving
    Form is just a pattern, an outline
    A circumference of this energy
    That flows through Space,
    Transcending Time
    Beyond the body & the individuated 'I'
    It Is the unity of all Life
    Eternally connected & absolutely free
    Beyond all body-mind
    It is the Ocean of the Universe
    Dancing in the light of freedom

    © Amata~Natasha Goldie 2009

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