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July 26, 2010: The pain and pleasure of living in the moment

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The pain and pleasure of living in the moment


GUEST COLUMN: MARY COOK — Trauma and addiction teach us defensiveness, despair, distraction, fear, neediness and offensiveness.  Rather than paying attention to our current circumstances, we’re running away from or chasing after something to relieve pain.

We aren't noticing who we are in the moment, instead we are repeatedly seeking ways artificially to alter, numb or heighten who we see ourselves to be.

Abstaining from active addiction and living without trauma does not stop the mental, emotional and physical habit patterns from the past.

We continue to carry fear and false beliefs and their corresponding defense mechanisms and character defects into our current circumstances and future probabilities.

In our struggles with problems and quests for answers, our energy is often scattered.  Our minds can get very busy with possibilities, scenarios, fears and wishes.  Many times our minds multiply problems rather than solve them, or create solutions that are worse than the original problem.  This fragmented, fear based focus is non-productive and indicates a lack of healing.

Read the rest of Mary's article to find out how you can benefit from compassionate self-reflection.

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