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July 12, 2010: Living an Examined Life

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The answer to the meaning of life is. . .multiple choice!




BY VAISHALI LOVE Reality.  This crazy little thing called existence.

What is it?

Most likely, Lilly Tomlin gave the best celebrity answer in her one-woman show. She described it as little more than a collective hunch.

Of course, she also described reality as a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs, and a leading cause of stress. And here I thought it was something complicated. Start with a collective hunch, throw in some drugs, and add a dash of stress. I got it!

Reality is college life in the 1970s!

For the sake of this discussion, it is not important whether or not we fully comprehend or even agree upon the scientifically approved definition of reality. The mechanics of reality, quantum or otherwise, are immaterial.  What is paramount is the meaning and perspective we freely give to reality.

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