Thursday, August 24th 2017

Is what you perceive, what you receive?

A meditation and affirmation for the weekend on how to live the meta-high life


PHYLLIS KING — So much of living a practical metaphysical life has to do with practicing principles, and living them.

The process of flowing with life is often one of remembering. We will always meet with hardship and struggle when we hold an expectation that life must accommodate our timetable, and our perspective of what life should look like.

The game is always to shift our perspective to one of expansion. We are called to expand our point of view to see the greater objective at play. It is our job to understand  . . . call it life, call it the universe, call it whatever you want.

Source already knows us, and meets our needs more efficiently than we ever could. We must remember that we are part of this Source that created us. Our job is to remember this in the context of our physical lives.

We came to the planet to learn, and to overcome our most difficult lessons ultimately to elevate ourselves in God consciousness. Only the bravest souls come to this domain of finite existence. A place we cannot even know our fullest potential. Yet, to flow with life, for the smoothest journey, we must learn to surrender the needs of the ego to the wisdom of the soul. The timeless part of us that continues on long after the body decays.

Through the process of surrender to a higher wisdom, life becomes an adventure. You actively choose to live heaven on earth, rather than hell on earth. It’s a perspective game. An energy game. You have free will to choose.

This day, remember to choose your perspective. You are a brave hero just for being here on the planet. Nothing can change that truth.

Psychic, author and spiritual teacher, Phyllis King, writes a weekly column for Soul’s Code.  If you enjoyed this article, we recommend you read May the Source be with you. Starting September 6th, listen to Phyllis on L.A’s KTLK-AM 1150 every Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm. PST.

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2 Comments on “Is what you perceive, what you receive?”

  1. Thanks for reminding me that I have the free will to choose how I understand and cope with occurances in my life. Sometimes I forget this.

  2. I agree. We can not only change our day but our entire life by simply shifting our perspective. I'm already looking forward to this Friday's column!

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