Friday, October 20th 2017

In Training for the Camino

PhyllistheAuthor — In order to be able to walk for 250 miles on our pilgrimage beginning May 23, we have been walking various trails in our area. Today we visited the Powhatan Watershed Natural Area about three miles from our house. One of the surprise benefits of our training has been that we have rediscovered our local area. Another benefit is that the additional walking we have been doing has made us feel great. It’s a great prescription for anyone looking to clense their mind or get into better shape. “Praying with your feet,” it’s called. ;-)


Our son, Alex, visiting from California, joined his mom and dad on today’s hike. Shown here is a natural arch that resulted from a tree damaged during an ice storm. I remember several ice storms during my time in the area. We certainly lost our share of trees to them. It’s amazing that this one has managed to survive.


Alex photographed this butterfly so we could identify it. I have searched through our Audubon guide to butterflies and I haven’t found it. Does anyone know what it is? It has brown wings that are ringed with a black rim and white spots.


I snapped a picture of a wild iris. Can you spot it? It is near the center of the picture. Seeing the iris growing wild made me think of the silent beauties of the world that grow, and too often go, un-noticed. Sometimes you have to just have faith that somebody will come along one day and appreciate the beauty you’ve been quietly cultivating. On seeing the iris, my husband commented on how as a boy he would go fishing and bring back wild irises

for his mother.



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