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Hypnotic mantras

An urban mystic, psychotherapist and star student of the late, great Milton Erickson does a deep-dive on love, relationships and the real way to heal from a break-up


THE TAO OF A WOMAN: AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEW BOOK BY MICHELE RITTERMAN — After a therapy session, I hand my client a post-it note that highlights what we have accomplished. These mysterious hypnotic mantras find their way to a wallet, an iPhone, or a fridge door . . . I know you will discover something more than I can know:


We are social creatures, yet in our competitive, aggressive and nano-second-centric world, it is not easy to relate to each other, much less to sustain our bonds.

Good love stays close to our bones and whispers to us the secrets about who we are. Good love has synchronicity and a rhythm.

Hearts beat together.

But where is the social music that contains us? Where is our global-national-domestic heart beat? How hard it is to dance together when we are out of rhythm! How hard even to make time to break bread together every day.

To share a bed each night.


tao-of-a-womanThe Separation

If you let anyone or any thing separate you in the name of love or hate  from who you are from your spirit, from your knowing spirit, the journey out of this chasm promises to be arduous.

You can only become whole again when you learn new ways to fill the emptiness with the fresh air of happiness.

Why Don’t You Love Me?

If you are in a destructive relationship,
it is not going to teach you much that is useful about yourself.

To Leave A Destructive Relationship

To leave a destructive relationship you must first review all about it that was good.

See like a movie on one side of your mind’s eye, the embraces and the laughter.

Have obsession sessions in which you review every detail in the archives of your cherished times.
Then, on the other side of your mind’s eye, see the bad.

Review each bruise and every tear.

Now show both movies at the same time, and serenity will bring your decision.
Afterward, you will miss your broken heart.

michelerittermanMichele Ritterman, Ph.D., pioneered the integration of hypnosis and family therapy, and has trained thousands of psychotherapists. One of Milton Erickson ’s leading students, she originated the concept of the symptom as a trance state, and wrote the classic text, Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy and Hope Under Siege, which applies psychotherapeutic principles to human rights. The Tao of a Woman applies hypnotic mantras to the spiritual realm.

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4 Comments on “Hypnotic mantras”

  1. I look forward to reading your complete book michele. your work is both poetic and down to earth at the same time. not a feat that many can manage. thanks for sharing with soul's code.

  2. This woman has a gift, and is channeling enormous spiritual power.

  3. These tips sound like they can be useful to anyone in any given situation. I am looking forward to reading the complete book. Thanks for sharing your insightful knowledge.

  4. I can related to what Michele Ritterman wishes to convey. With all due respect, I have a little different take on this.

    In ancient time, people were primitive, as was their cognitive ability to decipher the spiritual codes. They did not have the collective awareness of the benefit in experiencing synchronicity and expressing high frequency of intention. I strongly believe people have reached the point of global-national-domestic awareness in spiritual bonding. Now, we understand the benefit of unconditional love for everyone who is involved. In old times, it was not possible.

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