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The new improved way to get stoned

Hint: It isn’t meth. Simply holding a few colored gemstones healed my mind, body and spirit. Crystals rock!

BY SUSANNA BELLINI — I once met a woman, a former geologist who after years of handling stones eventually discovered they held energetic and spiritual properties. She left geology to become a healer.

Years later, at a very low point in my life where I struggled in an unhappy relationship and was about to lose a big freelance IT contract, that woman—and my own experience with her healing stones—kept coming to mind.

I remembered the first time I held the crystals and experienced vivid visions, powerful emotions and a feeling of familiarity, like coming home.

When my relationship finally ended, badly and painfully,  I was distraught. So I booked a crystal healing session and leapt on the first train from London to Brighton, arriving on my crystal healer’s doorstep in tears.

We went straight into a deep healing session and I floated out and away from my body, right out into the vastness of space.  Far below me, I felt her placing the blue quartz on my heart.

Physically it felt as though my heart was breaking open, then like cracks or lines of energy spreading out from the centre, and finally, like space and opening out and warmth.

Tears ran down my face, but they were tears of release and gratitude. There was no pain, no replay of any emotions or circumstances.  It was kind of like being operated on under local anesthetic; while part of me could feel real physical sensations part of me was floating amongst the stars.

Then at some point I lost all awareness of physical sensations and was entirely out of body. I was somewhere beautiful, being shown things, surrounded by loving beings, wandering in the beauty of the stars and the magnificence of the universe, the dark vastness of space.

blue-chakraComing around at the end of the session, my heart, or more accurately my heart chakra, the centre of my chest, felt as if bruised. It remained this way for a few days.

Mentally and emotionally I felt light, clear, clean, positive, as fresh and new as if I’d just been reborn.

I didn’t have the slightest residual painful thought of that relationship or that person, then, or ever again.

How I became a crystal healer

I’d already loved and responded to the crystals.  Now, knowing they were capable of such heart healing, I determined to become a crystal healer and share such beauty with others.

My first crystal healer taught me how to dowse the chakras, taught me the meanings and ways of working with stones and introduced me to Katrina Raphaell’s lovely books.

Since my friend wasn’t a teacher and I wanted to become a qualified practitioner, I completed an accredited two year Crystal Healing Diploma.  While this took away some of the magic for me, I felt it was necessary to take care of the statutory and legal requirements of training.

I felt a duty to my clients to learn first aid, anatomy and physiology, counselling skills, etc. as well as extensive academic and practical study of crystal and gem therapy, in order to be the best and safest therapist I could be.

I became a crystal healer and eventually a teacher of crystal healing practitioners in my turn. Eventually all the magic came back.  With the experience and wisdom I have now, I seek to teach with a balanced mix of magic and comprehensive practical training.

What to look for in a healer

If you are looking for a crystal healer, or crystal healing training, I recommend that you find someone offering a mix of magic and grounded training and experience.

lots-of-crystalsGo to someone who loves the stones, whose stones sparkle with life and who is also caring, practical, and down-to-earth.  Find someone you feel intuitively safe with, someone with some training, some practical experience and a lot of loving wisdom.

If you just want to start discovering a bit about crystals and how their energy works — go and choose some that attract you.  Hold them, meditate with them, place them somewhere lovely in your home and notice what happens.

If you can do some kind of experiential live or online workshop to learn about different ways of working with your stones, a good grounding in the basics will save you time and is invaluable. Then explore, discover and learn from the crystals themselves.  Only then read the crystal reference books and guides, to confirm your own real experience.

This way, your discovery of crystals will be a strong, wonderful, enlightening journey.

Susanna Bellini teaches crystal healing online and at her centre in York, UK.  Visit her at Bronze Dragon.  Her recent article for Soul’s Code was Enlighten yourself while you sleep.

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  1. Thanks for this cool article Susanna. It has aroused my interest in crystals and I'm definitely going to investigate and find out more about them. I will visit your site as well for more information.

  2. I really like your article. Thanks Susanna! I've been using crystals for healing and meditation for years. They are very powerful. I would love to know where you went to school for crystal healing certification. Taking classes on crystal healing sounds like something I would like to do!

  3. I have been using crytals for healing and meditation for quite some time now. In fact, just some weeks ago, I heard that Crystals can be used powerfully to help cure cancers. Is it true?

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