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Power versus personality

Highly-effective and happy people are courageously honest with themselves. Here is a checklist of 15 questions to ask yourself

womanmoneyGUEST COLUMN: SHARON COHEN — Most people believe that if they just had more money, the things that make them unhappy would disappear, and their lives would be better.

The truth is that your life can be better without more money. It can be better today, but you need to make some decisions and take action.

You don’t need me to tell you what will make you happy — only you know that truth. My aim here is to help you discover that truth.

I believe each of us has the power to discover our purpose and become joyful in the process of journeying toward that purpose. It’s not easy, however. Nothing important and meaningful ever is. Those who find the purpose that leads them to joy are truly the luckiest people in the world, because they’re living richly.

truthNow is the perfect time to raise your energy vibration and change your life for the better by taking some time and doing a simple exercise that I’m going to share with you.

The hardest thing to do is to be honest with yourself. Asking yourself key questions will lead you to amazing discoveries, and possibly motivate you to do what it takes to create the life you envision. I suggest writing your (honest) answers to the following questions in a journal.

Take the time to answer these questions.  While you are answering, know that if you choose to focus and act now upon those answers, you will give yourself an amazing year full of joy.

The questions that will change your life:

What makes you happy at work?

2 What makes you happy at home?

3 What makes you happy with your friends and family?

woman_question4 What makes you happy when you’re by yourself?

5 What do you love to do?

6 What would you do with your life today if you weren’t afraid of failure?

7 What’s not working in your life?

8 What are you currently doing that prevents you from experiencing joy?

9 What’s working in your life?

10 Who’s not working in your life?

11 Who in your life is subtracting value from, and adding misery, to it?

12 Can you fix any of these relationships, or should you let them go from your life?

13 What relationships are working in your life?

14 If we were getting together one year from today, what would have to happen for you to be able to tell me that you now have more joy in your life?

15 What’s the single most important thing you’ve learned about yourself as a result of answering these questions?

You’ll find that by putting your answers down on paper, they’ll become clear more quickly.  The actions you need to take will be obvious and easier to initiate.

sharoncSharon is a healer and self-awareness coach. Originally from Israel, she now lives in L.A.  Sharon overcame a traumatic childhood experience to become a world traveler,  Reiki master and creator of her own healing method called “The Tree of Life Healing.” See Sharon’s site.

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3 Comments on “Power versus personality”

  1. Thanks Sharon, I answered your questions and tried to be as truthful as possible. The answers have given me some direction for the new year. Thanks again!

  2. How to connect to your truth? Begin every day with a period of silent meditation to surrender the fruits of your activities to God or spirit. Then be present to each and every moment and enjoy it for what it is without worrying about the outcome!

    Do the same thing the next day, and the next, etc., and before you know it you'll have more truth than you can handle!

    A peaceful, loving, and abundant 2010 to all...

  3. My turn for 2010 is about this.

    We all know the 'what you don't want to happen to you, don't do that to the other'. That's about DO NOT.

    Treat the other like you want to be treated. That's about DO. And not 'just for me'!

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