Wednesday, October 18th 2017

“From my Creative Heart to Yours”: A dancer, writer and artist dishes on her creative process, how to channel your inner voice — and fill yourself with passion and ecstasy


As an artist running my own studio, the conveniently-named Soul Art Studio, I often get asked about the creative process — and how my art comes together. One of the biggest topics revolves around ‘where’ the art comes from.

The questions often have this flavor:

How do you know when it is your inner voice and not just your rational mind telling you another “should”?

That one was from Kathryn; this one came from Judy: “How can you be sure it’s your inner voice and not your ego?” – Judy

My response: When you are actively listening to your inner voice, you are already engaged in the creative process. It means you are in a space of allowing things to unfold without needing them to unfold in a particular way.

When you are listening to your inner voice you will NOT know the outcome.

This can be a tough one to swallow because we are taught through our entire lives to set goals and plan for outcomes. But the inner voice isn’t concerned with goals. The inner voice is concerned with guiding you towards your evolution as a conscious being and spirit.

If you find yourself fixed on an exact outcome — meaning, you assume things will go a certain way — you can be fairly certain you are resorting to a pre-conceived ‘should’ or a past mental pattern.

Your inner voice is in the present. The inner voice is not dependent on the past.

So to be sure if you are listening to your ‘inner voice’ ask yourself, HOW PRESENT AM I NOW?

sculpture: evolving creatureBeing present will enable you to hear your inner voice. The bonus to being present and listening to your inner voice: some amazing things can develop that you could never have imagined!

This sculpture, Evolving Creature, was created entirely by the inner voice . . . I did not know what it would be until it was complete.

Laura is an Ontario-based artist, dancer, writer, radio show host, and postal worker! She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows on art and creativity, and published over 200 articles on creativity.

You can contact Laura by email, or leave a comment below.

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8 Comments on ““From my Creative Heart to Yours”: A dancer, writer and artist dishes on her creative process, how to channel your inner voice — and fill yourself with passion and ecstasy”

  1. The sculpture reminds me of a show I just saw by an artist named Cline, who works with redwood

  2. many people are worried about how their final piece of creative work will turn out, whether it be a book, piece of visual art or even a web site :) i think we can learn from laura to just let the creative juices flow and see what happens. i'm trying to do this with my photography. it is hard though, especially when we try to please others with our work, or really want positive feedback. it's something i struggle with anyway :)

  3. The beauty of abstract art lies in the purity of expression coming from the artist's soul -- against all cultural and ego-constraints.

    Once exposed for the world to judge, other people will inevitably recognize their own greatness through the original expression, creating an endless ripple effect of good vibrations. Your Evolving Creature is a such a wonderful example of this process. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I notice that Laura is based in "Ontario". Would this be the Ontario in Canada or the one in California?

  5. I wonder if we are, on average, taking more interest in our inner voices in recent years, and how this might correlate with scientific interest in metacognition.

  6. laura is from ontario, canada.

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