Monday, September 25th 2017

How I silence my mind in a hectic world

“Every emotion you go through in this rat-race life, I am going through, too”

ratrace21GUEST COLUMN: NICK RALLS — I try to find love and peace in the everyday world while in the midst of the rat race.  I often reflect on how it might be easier to cut the world off but I know that love is in my heart and that I can find what I am looking for.

Today, I reflected on how easy it is to be peaceful, loving and harmoniousin short, divine when living in a cocoon, in a monastic or spiritual retreat, away from the strains and stresses of reality.

But it can be a hard job when you are in the throes of modern life, with people coming at you . . . demands, money problems, communication challenges and not always being the person you imagine yourself to be.

I find myself snapping and panicking and not always being so loving in my thoughts.  Well, this is the authentic me!  Of course, I might be alone in feeling like this.  But I suspect I am not.

My intention is to be loving, my intention is to be peaceful and I know I do care.

How, then can I find such spiritual contentment and unity with my higher self,  while still immersed in the rat race?

remain_calmMy friends remind me that it could be way more challenging.  Yes, in moments I see the beauty, truth and goodness of all that is, in both others and in myself. I am not so off-track.

But in other moments, I get sucked into the game of life, my ego taking the bruises and not always realizing that I am the architect of my own worries, fears and strife even if I do not realize it at the time.

Yes, I will try to silence my mind . . . take in the stillness.

I will say the prayers and send the loving thoughts.  I’ll try to be kind and get back to my firm belief that the only life worth living is one where you are in love 24/7.

I get so much support from so many people. I have some fantastic teachers in my life.  I love dearly all the people in my life . . . all of them, even if I feel challenged or threatened by them.

suit-city1Everyone is my teacher. All people in my life teach me something about myself and about love.

And I always remember that every emotion you are going through, I am going through also: we are all one. No one is an island on this journey.

All my fellow travelers, whether they are with me for a long time, a medium term or a short time, are so important to me.

Let me appreciate them more, love them more and accept that everything is working out perfectly for me, as it is for you.

Please share what it is like for you in the hustle and bustle of life, while trying to be the love that you wish to see in the world.   I would love to hear about your inspiration and your learning.

nickNick Ralls is the administrator of the Face of Love group on Facebook. He is a hypnotherapist, life coach and master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Nick’s mission in life is to teach others how to love themselves, and to be the love that they wish to see in the world.

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2 Comments on “How I silence my mind in a hectic world”

  1. Thanks for the reality check, Nick. It is indeed easiest to love when everyone is loving each other, but there is no spiritual challenge there. I find my greatest growth comes from loving those who don't love me (or the idea of me) and sticking with them long enough for them to reflect that love.

    I heard a good point yesterday that there probably isn't an abusive parent in the world who loves him/herself very much. The challenge is to help them love themselves more so they can do a better job of loving others.

  2. Interesting blog post. What would you say was the most important factor in using NLP?

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