Friday, September 22nd 2017

High science: study says marijuana saves memory


Guess the heads who were passing joints in the freezing cold before class in high school behind the wall of the Machine Shop weren’t so dumb, after all :)

Maybe *we’re* dumb. A study done at the University of Saskatchewan turns Cheech & Chong pot wisdom on its head. The rat-lab experiment suggests that an ingredient in grass promotes neuron growth in the region of the brain associated with learning and memory, the hippocampus. The authors conclude that chronic dope-smoking likely boosts memory in humans, too.

And for all of the white-collar addicts out there — forget about black-outs. An even newer study claims moderate alcohol consumption may up your memory, even while it downs your mood. But if you drink to that, don’t have too many. Heavy-duty boozing is still a killer of cognitive capacity.

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  1. i though marijuana made you forget things...

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