Thursday, August 24th 2017

Godfather of American psychology, JAMES HILLMAN, endorses Obama, gives him a clean bill of mental health, disses Hillary (We let Obama Girl do “the work”, below)

Freud was raised in Vienna, Austria — and died in London.Jung was born in Switzerland three decades later, died in Switzerland two weeks after the outbreak of WWII.

Who can America claim as a founding father of modern pscyh? James Hillman is probably the best candidate: born in New Jersey, intellectually-bred by Jung — and still breathing.

Hillman is using his incredible cred to boost Obama — and carpet-bomb Hillary.

No one has written about this endorsement but Hillman zapped hundreds of psychotherapists with a half-hour political riff at a rare public appearance in Santa Barbara.

When Hillman talks it’s like the E.F. Hutton of psychology = people listen.

Hillman has entered his ninth decade as a kind of intellectual mystic – in that sense, the true living heir to Carl Jung (Hillman was a star student of Jung’s, and got his Ph.D in Zurich). Hillman’s word carries also carries a lot of weight with an adoring public who made his book, The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling (no relation to this site), a bestseller.

And at a recent conference on archetypal psychology, a genre Hillman created, he went off on the current Democratic presidential nomination battle. “We were all wondering, why is he talking about politics at a conference on psychology?,” says a therapist who attended. “But the audience was kind of shocked and awed into total silence.”

Barack Obama, says Hillman, represents the most enlightened politician in generations, and a future of reconciliation and re-invention. To use Eckhart Tolle’s and Oprah’s cadence, he’s a New Earth Candidate.

His would-be win represents an historic inflection point in U.S. politics. If America turns back from it, we face a “fascist” future.

Hillman added that the Clinton campaign’s biggest sleight of hand is running Hillary as a gender candidate who represents the yearnings and advancement of women: she’s a male archetype, and a continuation of the same old.

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  1. great vid. quite the implants on obama girl!

  2. Obama girl 's got it goin' On

  3. Obama rocks!

  4. Wow you people are so rapped up into this Obama thing as if he is some kind of a star. We are talking here about someone to lead the free country that we are. Or shall i say that we use to be if he makes it in.

  5. If you are going to talk about archetypes and psychology, credit Carl Jung. Hillman is current and respectable but he is a student of Jung and that is where the psychology of archetypes comes from. Let's keep it real. This article reads about thin like a Silicon Valley wafer.

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