Wednesday, September 20th 2017

Spiritual Surf: God appears in, of all things, an eggplant (Again)

Felicia Teske, a resident of Delaware, was eating dinner when she noticed that the slice of eggplant she was about to eat spelled out the name of the Creator.

She set it aside and did what any reasonable person would do: Called Action News to get her story on air — before launching an eBay auction for the slice of divinity.

This isn’t the first time that the Almighty has chosen eggplant as a means of making itself known. A woman in Mendhasalis, India, sliced into an eggplant and found seeds spelling out “Allah” in Urdu script in 2003 . . .And in 1990, Muslims in nothern England also reported finding “Allah” written in Arabic, ABC reports.

We didn’t know that the Being’s preferred choice for making its presence known was via scriptures in food? At least in America. If the Virgin Mary on a grilled-cheese sandwich sold for $28,000 on eBay, how much do you think this slice of eggplant will go for?

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