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Soul’s Code readers take a ‘gratitude inventory’ as we welcome 2010

Who, or what, are you the most grateful for in your life, and why?

new-year1That is a question that a new feature, modeled on the Soul’s Code Love Scroll to your right, will ask every day. Gratitude for the things we have, rather than feeling down about the things we lack, is a path to power and embracing the joy of life.

Read what some of our readers say they were grateful for below — everything from the luck to having being born in America, learning from mentors and even losing a job!

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At this very moment I am most grateful for: the courage of the human heart that feels fear, faces uncertainty,  and experiences many difficult life lessons. . .and still is willing to dare hope, continue to seek, and so find the peace that passes all understanding through the living art of gratitude for the ALL.  —  Ronda Larue


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I don’t have one person. I am as grateful for those who have supported me as I am for those who have triggered me. I needed it all.  —  Eileen Silon

I am extremely grateful for my health.  It is the foundation of my life, and I make health and fitness my top priority. Consequently, everything else falls into place. It allows me to be of service to others, which is extraordinarily fulfilling and meaningful to me.  And, I’m grateful for your beautiful site and amazing followers!  — Dr. Nancy Irwin

For being made redundant and feeling truly lucky to know the amazing people that I am now working with that I would not have met or considered working with before. Life feels like it’s changing for the better all round : ))  —  Hayley Coles


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I am grateful for my mentors, the books and the wisdom teachers who have helped me stop looking to religion, self-help and many other other sources outside myself.   Now I know truth resides in my own inner being and it is my source for happiness and meaning and the challenge now is to live from that place 24/7. —  Gloria Tiede

The who: I’m most grateful for my husband. He has taught me what unconditional love is, and he’s absolutely hilarious; he can always make me laugh.The what: Being born a middle class woman in America.  I have so many privileges, opportunities, and rights to be thankful for simply because of where and when I was born.  —  Elaine Bayless

I’m truly most thankful for the wisdom I’ve found in texts such as A Course in MiraclesThe Power of Now, A New Earth, and The Edgar Cayce Companion, for expanding on traditional thankfulness to reveal what gratitude is truly all about!

Our family isn’t limited to our bloodline, and food isn’t the only thing to be thankful for.  Everyone and everything in this world is the true family.  The wisdom from the various texts have been the most powerful catalyst in the momentous peace, overwhelming joy, and immense gratitude I can now freely interject into any thought, feeling, mood, or day.

I can honestly see and feel abundance everywhere, want for nothing, and know enough to thank God for it all!   It’s a natural high.  Lastly, I’m thankful for the freedom, the finest, purest, most profound personal freedom I’ve ever known that self awareness has taught me that I’ve dedicated my life to sharing with others.  To me, there’s simply nothing to be more thankful for or worth giving during any season.  —  Chelsea Langan

show-the-loveI am grateful for my life.  That I am able to be alive on the planet at this time in history.  I am grateful for my children, who teach me the true meaning of love on a daily basis.  I feel tremendous gratitude for the ability to live my life’s purpose.  —  Phyllis King

At one level, I’d have to say I am very grateful for my wife Kathy (of 36 years)! And it has not always been easy or pleasant. But I am grateful for the simple fact that she has taught me, and continues to teach me, about unconditional love, forgiveness and humility.

At another level, I am so thankful for my awareness of my own spirituality and my connection to the Divine. My awareness of soul and spirit.  I consistently strive to be open and in gratitude to all my teachers and experiences,  where I continue to learn and grow from. From each of these, I bring to my work, in whatever capacity. Namaste.  —  Greg Sievers

Be thankful that you are not starving to death. Be thankful that you are not lying on the ground bleeding to death in a foreign land.  Be thankful that you are breathing air and still alive.  Be thankful for your life on planet Earth, which was given to you by another.  — Sandy Andrew


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In Lak’ech Sweet Earth Angels which means, I AM Another YOU.  When thinking of that which I AM MOST GreatFull for, the VERY FIRST thing that comes to mind, is, ME. Without ME, what would I have to BE GreatFull for?

Without the CHOICEs I have made in my life, to BE friends with this one, fall in LOVE with that one, BE OPEN to meeting them, welcome my pregnancy as my Greatest Universal Gift ever, WHOM would I have to BE GreatFull to?  I AM GreatFull that I AM, that I have CHOSEn to BE & have tasted the sweet inhalation of our Earth’s School’s breathe within ME.  I AM GreatFull that I AM, that I have CHOSEn to BE  the ME, I LOVE mySELF to BE, a reflection of ALL of WE.  I AM GreatFull that I AM, BEcause, YOU ARE!   In Lak’ech Sweet Angels, thank YOU for CHOOSing to BE  and making it possible, that I AM, ME.  —  Roni Lipstein

My health. . .without it I couldn’t enjoy my family, friends or my place to call home, not to mention the “real” food growing in my yard ;-)   —  Carmen D Cisneros

I am so grateful for my awareness and acceptance of life; my humanity and my spirit. I am grateful that I have learned to stand by myself and accept normal human experiences of connection, love and all is well AND the experiences of the opposite.  I am grateful for being able to share the gift of my perspective with others as I enjoy capturing incredible life moments with my eyes and heart. I am grateful for your question in which I was able to pause and capture what I am grateful for. :)   —  Patty Jackson


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I am most grateful for the gift that is life itself,  in all its guises and sensations, particularly being able to know what love means for mind, body and soul.  —  Steve Trivett

I know it says “As a true master you should not have want you want, but want what you have.”  Sounds great, but I´m no master, so I can allow myself to be happy with,  and most grateful for what I wanted. and that’s my wife and the way we’re leading our life with four children.  —  Robert Lang

I am grateful for surviving a serious car crash in Dec 2005.   I felt the divine spirit and its loving protection.   I learned that when one’s ego vanishes (as it did, temporarily)  that we have a direct connection to the divine energy that we are all  immersed in.  Physical recovery brought me to yoga, now I teach and am so fortunate to share.  BTW, my ego has regained its pushy, and controlling place in my life. I am always aware of its influence.
I had the gift of freedom from it only for awhile. I now live with an awareness that was not previously present. Re-birthed Dec 15, 2005. Ommmmm Shanti.  —  Tanya Garland

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11 Comments on “Soul’s Code readers take a ‘gratitude inventory’ as we welcome 2010”

  1. I want to thank the unconventional but always brilliant team that is continuously engaged in creating Soul's Code, and our extended family of contributors and commenters for populating the site with their writing and voices.

    I am also grateful to you for supporting and reading the site.

    I finally want to express gratitude for Donny Osmond winning season 9 of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

    Not from Dancing with the Stars:

  2. I'm grateful for my family and friends. Everyone of them has brought love into my life and a life without love is no life at all.

  3. I am very grateful for having a wonderful and healthy life. I am also grateful for loving what I do for living: reiki, life counseling, writing books on metaphysics, dancing ballroom, my family and wonderful friends.

  4. What a wonderful topic. I am grateful for " right now". Feeling what IS, and the knowingness of IT ALL. How wonderful I have awareness offering moments of appreciation , all the time. Sending compassion all over the world. The Compassion Project. http://www.theavatarcourse.com/compassion. One million compassion cards shared all around the world is the intention. YEAH

  5. Right now, the first thing that comes to mind are my travelling experiences because they are a great way to learn about other cultures and other people. I see it as a well-rounded process...it is good to get out there and explore, so I am really grateful for the opportunity to have some interesting experiences to date.

  6. It is a good time to reflect on what we are most thankful for. I started a tradition with our family on Thanksgiving. After we eat dinner and we are sitting at the table chatting, we go around the table, taking turns telling everyone what we are most thankful for. We are all thankful for each other. It is nice being able to share that time with everyone. I am definitely thankful most for our family - my husband, sons, grand-daughters, parents, brothers nieces, nephews and my dog. We are all very blessed.

    Happy Holidays.

  7. I'm most grateful for the loving, caring and supportive family that I have - Mom, Dad and my sisters! They are my strength and the best gift God could have ever showered on me.

  8. I'm thankful for a roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back, a mind that can think, ears that can hear, eyes that can see, a body that can feel, a nose that can smell, a tongue that can taste, legs that can walk, a yummy husband to make love to, children to laugh and play with, a dog and two cats to snuggle, an 86 year old mother who's been the joy of my life since childhood, passionate and hilarious siblings, unique and amazing friends, the beautiful ever-inspiring and never the same EARTH, her light and all her wonderful inhabitants (trees especially my favorite of earth's jewels), and that's just the physical stuff!

    Then there's our oneness, the universe of energy, healing, light and love, powerful transformative words, the joining of light and energy for healing, and every single spark of divinity - unique and wonderful people around the world - diverse cultures, languages, foods. It really is marvelous to be here! Thank YOU and many blessings for abundance, peace and love.

  9. I'm grateful to have God in my life and for him giving me the strength to overcome the abusive life style that I lived and turned it around to be a blessing to others. One of my greatest joys is when I receive a reply saying that my words have touched someone's heart. The fulfilment of life is not supposed to be about me but, about us.

  10. I am grateful that life is a forward moving process. Fueling this are the wonderful people who have influenced me both positively and negatively - People who had no reason other than the best of intentions who have come into my life and made all the difference in the world.

  11. For the most amazingly beautiful memories of my dear family, my awesome friends and my beloved dogs and horses.

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