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Animal love

With meditation and practice you can learn to commune with pets and all of God’s creatures

karen-and-rainGUEST COLUMN: KAREN ANDERSON — For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals. When I was young I remember spending the day with my animal friends, sharing all of my hopes and dreams with them.

At that age, I had the ability to understand what the animals were experiencing and feeling, and thought everyone could do so. I was able to sense their happiness, sadness and sometimes even their pain.

Many years later, after my communicating abilities had long-since faded, I was deep in meditation when spirit guides came to me and unveiled the path I would soon take.

Guidance urged me to sharpen my old skills again, and to follow my path helping animals and humans understand each other. I devoted the next several years of my life to communicating with the animals through meditation, prayer, practice sessions and study. I surrounded myself with the knowledge of experts and continued to sharpen my skills.

In early 2003, I took a leap of faith and watched as my destiny unfolded as a professional animal communicator. Since then I have communicated with thousands of animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

Tips for communicating with animals:

Karen and RainThere are several ways that the animals we share our lives with send us telepathic messages. Knowing what to expect can make this step easier, especially for the beginner. Since we all experience an incoming message in a different way, pay attention to how you receive messages. For instance, I receive messages visually, audibly and through emotions or feelings.

You may only experience a feeling or “a knowing” the first few times. Most of us tend to disregard these incoming messages as our own imagination or our own thoughts. Trust what you get no matter how obvious or how silly it sounds. Once you determine how you receive messages you can begin to sharpen your other senses too.

When an animal sends a visual message, it comes through like a flash across your mind. It may be there for only a split second. It could be the image of their favorite treat, their food bowl or even their favorite place to sleep. You may see colors or textures or even an outline of a favorite object. You may have your eyes opened or closed, do whatever works best for you.

In the past, the animals have sent visual images to me of everything from the outline of a jar of peanut butter to the shape and color of their favorite toys. You just never know what they will send. They are able to see things that you may not even think they understand.

Jack, a male Labrador mix in Texas, sent me the image of an insulin bottle and a needle. His human mom later explained that her husband is diabetic and needs regular insulin shots. Jack obviously saw this as part of the daily routine, which is something animals will frequently communicate to me.

Siamese catAnimals also send audible messages which include anything from initials to actual words and even full sentences. “My mom wears orthopedic shoes,” a Siamese cat named Cody told me recently.

Since we were having a telephone session there was no way I could see what shoes the client had on. When I asked his mom she laughed and said she did indeed wear orthopedic shoes and has done so ever since childhood.

Sometimes it will just be one or two words that I hear, other times it may be a full sentence. Each animal is different, some are really good talkers and some are more visual in their style of communicating.  Animals also send messages through their emotions or feelings.

Sometimes I’ll get a feeling that surrounds another message. For example a pit bull named Rebel told me her “room changed” and she didn’t like it.

Along with that message she surrounded it with an upset feeling, a feeling of discontent. Her mom confirmed they just got new furniture and had to move a few pieces around. Animals will also send me a feeling of love. Sometimes it can be so strong I feel like I love that person too.

Regardless of how you receive these messages remember that they may be anywhere from very subtle to very extreme. Most of the time they are very subtle. You have to listen, focus and concentrate to receive these messages yourself.

The best way to sharpen these skills is to take a “teleclass” and practice with other students. Reaching a quiet place of calm through meditation is another necessary step. During my teleclass, I walk students through the process of how to quiet their minds through a simple guided meditation.

You will be amazed at how easy the process is. With a little bit of practice and determination the messages will begin to come through. Be patient with yourself and trust what you get and soon you will be communicating with the animals in your life.

karen-in-blueKaren Anderson, “America’s animal communicator,” and author of “Hear All Creatures” connects with animals both living and deceased. Karen is known worldwide for her consultations and classes.  Visit her site to learn more about her radio and TV appearances.

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10 Comments on “Animal love”

  1. I like this article and yes it is not at all that hard to communicate with animals...especially if they want to.

    Some time ago I was at an outdoor zoo here in Stockholm. Walking past the male moose I got this feeling of extreme boredom. Poor him! I stretched out and started "talking" to him. Amazing how he vital he became :)

    It was a lovely experience and to tell you the truth that is how I noticed I often talk to the animals. I have done it for quite some time, but not realised it.

    Lots of love, Christina

  2. i read this article and i like it. there is a need to love and understand the feeling of animals, we should always speak and behave softly with animals.

  3. I believe that if you are on the same wavelength you can communicate with the animals, with plants, with water and with so many other things.

    It depends upon your wavelength and the intensity of the signal being broadcast. That is why what we think is so important. There are many Dr. Dolittles upon this world.

    This is the time that they are coming out of their shell.

    Infinite Love, Light,Peace and Blessings,


  4. I have always firmly believed that you can communicate very clearly with animals and all living creatures, plant life and water, that reside with humans on this beautiful planet.

    I personally had one dog in particular who was very telepathic. I did not need to utter a word, she just knew or vice versa I just knew. This was put to a rather stringent test with some friends. Lal, never failed once to communicate the correct message. As we were not in the same room, she was in the garden I was in the house, there wasn't anyway I could use visual signals. She came into the house though the moment I felt she had had enough and 'called' her to come in for a reward.

    I have also known when it is time to assist a beloved animal across the bridge, sad though it is, they will tell me when their time has come. Then, send me messages of such over-powering joy...true spiritual joy which is impossible to describe to let me know I have done the 'right thing' and that they are happy and well in their new dimension.

    One Shepherd still communicates and is at times visible to me, his message on crossing, apart from his happiness to be well and healthy again, was that he would always be there for me when I needed him. He has, as he did whilst on this earth, never let me down.

    LOL, my cats and dogs at present do have a growl or hissy fit occasionally and I always know Jacques is around.

    Talking to animals is so rewarding:).

  5. I love Animals-they love me........
    I feel I communicate on an inner level somehow : ))

  6. Hi all,
    Thank you so much for taking time to read my article.

    Your words ring so true. Communicating with animals is very easy and so very rewarding.

    I have learned more from the animals about life and living, death and dying than any human has ever taught me.

    Your personal experiences warm my heart!

    Much love, infinite blessings and appreciation to Crystal, Mary K, Tarlochan, Ruquia and Christina

    Karen Anderson

  7. I've been working with Karen for several years now, since the first animal she helped us with the crossing over. Through taking her in-person class, as well as follow-on sessions, I've learned that I've always communicated with animals from a very early age, although I lost that ability in adulthood and regaining it has given me such joy.

    I lost a soul-puppy three years ago and I swear that he and I were connected in another life. We were just so connected. He remains with me to this day, checking in periodically at the strangest times to give me messages of love and support.

    I, too, talk to strange animals on the street. I always get a kick out of riding my motorcycle up next to some car and starting a conversation with the dog inside while we're at a stoplight. It gives the dog a kick, too, I believe. I've seen more than one owner freak out at the way their dog responded to this motorcycle mama next to them. ;)

    Animal communication has really reconnected my heart and soul in a very special way, and I'm extremely grateful to Karen for that opportunity. It's a beautiful thing, and she's right about the relationships she forms with the people of the animals she connects with. We became fast friends and I truly believe it's because of the love she felt from my Scootie!

  8. Our animal companions are spirit beings and they constantly want to commune with us, to relationship with us. I believe they come into our lives in order to evolve our souls, to teach us the importance and simplicity of life. Karen speaks for the animals - she communicates their messages and thoughts to us in human words; words that we can understand.

    Karen has been able to listen closely and tap into the energy of their spirits. I do believe that everyone has the "gift" or "ability" to communicate with animals, regardless of whether your intention is to communicate with your loyal animal companion or one that you have never seen or met before. We are all energy and we just need to still ourselves and feel and hear the message being communicated and trust those messages that come through. Once you dial into that, it's like you are a mother that knows intrinsically what is going on with her child - feel their emotions because you are so connected.

    I have had the pleasure to be blessed by Karen's gifts many times. One time in particular, could very well have been a time that I can say, saved my life. While talking to our sweet bullmastiff boy, Jack, who had transitioned several years ago, and who we knew was still a very strong energy in our lives, Karen told me that Jack was telling me that he saw that I wasn't sleeping well, and that I needed to go to the doctor and tell the doctor to check my "glands". Literally a month later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's a strong testament of the need that animals have to commune with us - that our loyal companions never cease to be loyal - from their time on this earth with us, and years after their transition, they continue to speak to us, to relationship with us. We just need to learn how to still our minds and our hearts and listen to their voices.

  9. Many other responses here have better put into words than I can what a special gift Karen has....and how well she can bring us all into believing in and nurturing our own gift along with our special furry, feathered (or other) soulful animals.

    I treasure all the moments Karen has shared with me and with my dearest creature friends.

  10. hey,

    there are lots more comments under a discussion thread i started on our soulscode group...check it out! this is a hot topic :)


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