Tuesday, October 17th 2017

The New Female Mystics

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  1. caffeine is good! why is that a bad thing?

  2. [...] I follow Oprah’s movements, I respect Oprah — I do not trust Oprah. I trust the women that this site calls The New Female Mystics. [...]

  3. If you want to learn more about what you call "Female Mystics"--check out a new book called Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom which is a collection of interviews with some of the women featured in this article and more. This is an exciting phenomenon which invites everyone to awaken into their true nature--not just a special few!

  4. [...] the late great Milton Erickson did with patients in hypnosis. Featured in the Soul’s Code slide show, Female Mystics, Wilson comes as advertised: this participant and 60 others were moved by the power of her presence [...]

  5. [...] for a time). In sacred literature this is often referred to as entering the wilderness, facing the dark night of the soul, annihilation of the ego or dying to oneself to be born again. It is a fundamental transformation [...]

  6. Finally! A kindred Spirit I have found! Ms. Ingram, I like the cut of your gib!

  7. I love the irony of an article on non-logo, non-ego teachers being grouped according to their sex! That is fun!

    Question to ponder - if becoming "free" isn't about "me" - who or what is it for?

    What is it that desires freedom? What is it that inspires that "desiring thing?" And most important, who is it that pays for the female mystics courses? (and while we are at it, who is it that markets/profits from them? :-)

    No Mind, No Meaning. Choose Intelligently.

    Mark Michael Lewis.
    When in doubt...Thrive!

  8. You are a fraud. Just like the rest of the "New Age" con artists.

  9. This article made me jump for joy! It helped to give me some language to further describe my intention about my work. I recently did a radio show and I told the host before we got started "I must warn you I don't have a sexy message". We laughed about that. This is what I was getting at. I don't want to write a book, go on a lecture circuit or be on Oprah. I just want to work one on one with women. Well intended people tell me you must have an angle, a gimmick a marketing selling point.

    I think we can use mind to transcend mind, and maybe this is what some of these beautiful women have done. It feels like the next wave and not a minute too soon. In Spiral Dynamics it is the shift from Green Meme to Yellow Meme consciousness. Thank you again for this article. I gave me great peace to read it.

  10. We are are all female mystics feminine before the divine - receptivity to the divine is a feminine quality and beyond duality all aspects of spirituality belong to both male and female - we make the effort and that is a so called masculine process and we receive the divine blessing and that is a so called feminine process - I invite truly deep mystics to move beyond separating feminine from masculine and develop both aspects of effort and grace in our interior practice and exterior service in the world.

    In my teachings I have worked mostly with women however the men that come are just as devoted to the mystic process and their divine receptive feminine. I hold this process within the container of self healing and the study and gaining of professional skills as anyone that approaches healing or medicinal work needs to work with respect for the mystery of life and the continuum process of each person in their life journey.

    Mysticism, that reaching seeking longing to understanding the unknown, they mystery of life, is a part of all of us, individually and collectively. It is our ground of being and the purpose of our life. Mysticism belongs to all of us.

  11. how do i do this?

    it doesn't matter that we are female
    but on that
    we are more emotional and left sided (brain)
    its always been men, theres no reason why women cant also
    it helps the balance of knowledge
    it is mentioned because not that long ago there was feminism
    and women like to work together- most of the time ;)

    its not about money
    but it's there job and therefore they should earn money
    as that is how we survive

    all this 'new age stuff' is connected
    and there is nothing wrong with it
    as it is helping individuals and therefore communities and therefore the world

  12. Namaste, All
    Whether female or male, when the mind, body, heart are in alignment - this is an open door to manifestation and compassion. The mind is not an enemy, it is a tool.
    But you know what has been said about tools- every tool is a weapon depending on how you hold it.

    I respect the mind, and it is aligned with my heart and body.

    Big Love,
    dawn dancing otter

  13. A few years ago, on holiday on a beautiful beach I heard this from my seven year old daughter speaking to my five year old son, "You cannot fit the ocean in a bucket." I am still contemplating that wisdom.
    The student finds their teacher, it is really none of our business who chooses whom.

    Love ALways Finds A Way,
    Jonah K.

  14. Abstraction and the sickening intellectualising posing as 'wisdom' thanks to new age spirituality nearly killed me. I loathe it all.Gurus be damned ,we're all the same .I wrote DIARY OF SLUTKA as a fiction to assist young women to find their own true voice,their own innate feeling center and to bypass the 'do good' mentality and the pleeasing of others that is more destructive than anything.
    It's out in another month; I'll meet you then.

  15. You should ALL express your silent thanks to Don Juan Matus who was the first to articulate in a coherent modern way the key importance of decrowning the 'me-cult' and self-importance founded social order and an extremely effective and sober system to achieve this!

    Thank you Don Juan & fellow men and women travellers!
    Thank you women mystics andmen mystics of today!

  16. I think we can use mind to transcend mind, and maybe this is what some of these beautiful women have done. It feels like the next wave and not a minute too soon.
    you can also try this:
    Soul Healing

    1. "When the student is ready, the (external) teacher appears."
      When the student is *really ready*, the external teacher disappears."
      The wisest, most effective, and most potently loving of parents, educators, healers, ministers, counselors, leaders, gurus & guides are those...who make themselves most quickly unnecessary!"
      "All this out here is a great hall of mirrors...all designed to drive you *inside*!

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